Winter Bulletin Board Idea

There are 21 tips and ideas here that can be used for your winter bulletin board. One way for capturing a winter bulletin board idea winter bulletin board idea with Christmas tree effectand theme is to cover the workforce bulletin board in a soft and white fabric that can represent snow. The fabric can be attached to the board with some pins. The bulletin board can also be framed with white to make it really stand out.

For even more fun bulletin board decorating ideas you can hang some candy canes to add a bit of sweetness and fresh color within the workplace. Winter bulletin board themes could incorporate winter-themed scenes such as snowballs, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and tobogganing. Winter bulletin board ideas could be all about the fun connections with snow and the winter cultural and sports events connected to it.

Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques could involve each staff member being proactive and coming up with suggestions for ideas and themes. In this way, through the medium of the bulletin board, communication within the workspace can flow more easily.

When designing your winter bulletin board bear the following tips in mind:

  1. Bulletin board! Go for a new, large option which is preferably covered with a velvet cloth for easy pasting.
  2. Prominent place! It has to be kept in a very prominent but quietly spacious place.
  3. Background! It must have a plain background color which can be plain dark green, dark blue or even deep maroon.
  4. Paper! Every notice and announcement can be written on white or colorful paper.
  5. Bold! Letters have to be bold and large.
  6. Clear! Messages have to be clear.
  7. To the point! Messages mustn't be long, but must be to the point.
  8. Decorated! The bulletin board can be attractively decorated to suit the message.
  9. Sections! The bulletin board can be divided into 4 sections, such as 1) Office news 2) office outreach news 3) staff personal events (b'days, weddings etc) 4) social functions - cocktail parties, Christmas parties etc
  10. Question mark! Have signs such as a big question mark on the bulletin board sometimes to create curiosity and interest.
  11. Accuracy! Messages must carry correct information such as time, venue, speaker etc . Need to avoid corrections over and over again.
  12. Plan! You can plan the message ahead of time and cut it into 2 parts. 1st week the first part and 2nd week the latter part of the message, just to create curiosity.
  13. No obstacles! Any obstacles such as flower pots, unnecessary chairs or tables should be kept off completely to give ample room for anyone to stand comfortably and read and understand the notices.
  14. Arrange! Every notice should be neatly arranged instead of crowding the board with too much information.
  15. Pins and clips! The bulletin board clips or pins must be new and in working order so that you will not find some papers flying around the place because the pins or clips have come out.
  16. Re-arrange! Every week you need to rearrange the bulletin board with new placings for each category, such as birthday corner can change place with outreach and external affairs.
  17. Properly placed! Very importantly, the office internal news should be prominently placed, probably on the extreme top. That should not be changed at all.
  18. Creativity & variation! Putting up notices can be handled by various divisions in the office so that there can creativity & competition among the staff, such as if it is about accounts or finances, the financial division can work on it instead of the secretary handling it. If the bulletin board is handled by the secretary she or he can have the same old way of presenting it (might end up having a stereo-type thing). A variation is always welcome onto the bulletin board.
  19. Competition! There can also be a real bulletin board presentation competition; thereby, everyone will start reading notices.
  20. Birthdays! Birthdays can be made very special with birthday cards & wishes clipped on the bulletin board making the birthday girls and boys very happy & surprised!
  21. Pre-announcement! There could be a pre-announcement on the bulletin board regarding birthdays, so that all are well informed. The birthday girls and boys might even receive surprise gifts! Or even dinner invitations!
  22. Weddings! Also for weddings and engagements, there can be a picture of the happy couple and have their wedding/engagement invitation card clipped or pinned onto the bulletin board. Who knows, maybe even a nice bridal shower might work out for the happy couples!
  23. Newborns! There can be a picture of the new born on the bulletin board. The parents can request a name from the staff if it is appropriate. A little notice with the baby's picture and even a baby shower will be a good idea.
  24. Saving water winter bulletin board idea! Despite the advice given to staff to save water (closing taps properly and attending to leaking taps etc.) especially during wash time, it falls on deaf ears most of the time. A nice notice on the bulletin board can drive a message home as to how one should save water.

A winter bulletin board idea is to promote time management skills. Below are tips on what you could put on the board.


Learning Time Management Skills

Three Important Tips for Learning Time Management Skills

Time management may be the most essential skill to have in the workplace since it increases productivity and help a business make more money.

Try these top tips to help employees better manage their time.

  1. Do a time study. Before learning time management skills it may be a good idea to do a time study. A time study allows you to see exactly how much time is spent on various activities during a day. Break down each task and take notes on how long it takes. Pay attention to tasks that are taking too long due to interruptions or employees not focusing directly on their task. Collaborate with employees on methods to fix these problems.
  2. Create a fun work environment. Sometimes poor time management is a result of boredom or job dissatisfaction. Increase time management by letting employees know they are valued. Some suggestions include: holding regular contests, throwing parties, giving compliments and providing free lunches once a month. Redecorating the office using bright colors and allowing employees to listen to music can also increase concentration.
  3. Prioritize. To meet deadlines and reduce feeling overwhelmed, workers should be encouraged to create charts. Arrange work tasks by upcoming deadlines and take notes on exactly what steps are needed to complete each deadline, then focus on one task at a time and check it off once completed.

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