When is Earth Day?
Earth Day Campaigns for the Workplace

When is earth day celebrated?

Earth day is the 22 April every year. This date of earth day is not to be confused with World Environment Day, which falls on 5 June.

Who founded earth day, the origin of earth day

U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded earth day in 1970. This was the 1st earth day celebrated. It is celebrated to create awareness and appreciation for the environment.

U.S Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin originally announced his Earth Day idea as a nationwide teach-in day in Seattle on 20 September 1969. He wanted to start awareness about environmental issues to improve the way the Americans were living. Somehow, his cries for environmental concerns were heard, and on 22 April 1970, as many as 20 million American citizens had participated in the nationwide campaign, with Denis Hayes as its organizer.

Also see earth day campaigns and earth day slogans for ideas on promoting earth day in the work place.

What is earth day

Earth Day was named as such because it was a logical name for it, according to Senator Nelson. One of his good friends, a New York advertising executive, Julian Koenig has suggested the name. 22 April is also Julian Koenig's birthday, and the idea for Earth Day came easily as it rhymes with "birthday".

Earth Day should be one of the annual agenda of every organization regardless of the type of organization. Even the army has an earth day celebration for example. There should be a board of committee pertaining to environmental issues specifically at the workplace. There are various environmental issues at the workplace, such as light, noise and air pollution, resources depletion especially water and paper, and even ozone depletion due to CFC in air conditioners and odor-eliminating aerosol sprays.

The committee members should discuss ways to celebrate Earth Day at work and increase awareness regarding environmental issues at work. Not everyone is aware of these environmental topics, such as energy conservation, renewable energy, and so forth. Therefore, it is important that each employee is included in meetings regarding these issues so that everyone will be able to voice out their opinion and suggest some ideas on how to make Earth Day celebration at work a success. Have activities such as an earth day quiz, earth day posters,
information on earth day history. Give earth day tips that can be practised all year round. Give employees earth day t-shirts to add to the hype and awareness of the day.

Another idea is to change the CFC aerosol sprays and air conditioners to greener, natural alternatives. Encourage everyone to save water and electricity at work by using them moderately. Use cloth towels to replace paper towels in the pantry room and in the lavatories. For hygiene purposes, wash the cloth towels every day and use biodegradable laundry detergent.

Encourage and promote the three Rs; reuse, reduce and recycle. Other ideas include preparing bins specifically for recycling paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles. Encourage everyone to use emails for everything and avoid printing on papers. If printing is necessary, print on both sides of the paper, and use recycled or recyclable paper and water-based inks.

These are just simple ideas to create a greener workplace. There are many other ways to promote environmental awareness, but these simple green habits go a long way. Communication is key and everyone should play their roles in reminding each other of the importance of taking care of our mother earth. It is also very important that employees, as parents understand the seriousness of environmental issues, so that they will be able to encourage their children to care for the environment.

Some ideas include bringing children to work on Earth Day so that they can participate in activities such as coloring contest and poster drawing contest. The drawings can be framed and displayed on the office walls. This is to remind their parents, who are the employees, of the importance of environmental awareness and to encourage them to practice green habits at work.

Ideas to use for promoting when is earth day in the workplace

Use clever communication techniques
and the many types of effective communication to get your message across to your workforce.

Earth day lessons


Earth day lesson plans for the workplace and not just kids earth day activities will help create awareness across all spheres of life. Such as when is earth day and other facts.

There are plenty lesson plans for earth day like when is earth day, that can be found and include earth day puzzle, earth day word search, free earth day cards, earth day puzzles, earth day ecards free, earth day pics, earth day clipart, earth day songs, earth day coloring page, when is earth day, earth day facts and earth day quotes. A more unusual idea is an earth day scavenger hunt which is great for promoting earth day to kids as well as adults.

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