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Teaching Effective Non Verbal Communication For the Workplace
Effective communication is the key to maintaining high productivity in the workplace. While most employees think that words alone should suffice to communicate with a team, the delivery of the message is just as important. According to many studies, non verbal communication or body language alone is 60-80% of the communication in a face to face encounter. Sending the wrong non verbal communications can contradict the message or confuse the other person.

Teaching employees to improve communication skills as well as non verbal communication can make completing projects more seamless and also result in a better work environment. It’s important to teach both skills and illustrate the types of nonverbal communication because if the two are not in sync, the communication is less impactful.

For example, an employee stating that the project needs to be completed within a certain timeframe with slumped shoulders may not be taken seriously. Comparatively, making the same statement with an urgent tone and upright posture will send the message that this is a serious deadline.

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