55 Types of Electronic Communication in the Workplace

There are many new and unusual types of electronic communication and clever communication techniques that can be used for effective communication in the workplace to increase employee retention.

The variety of electronic communication channels ensures that you can break through the clutter and get your message across cost effectively. Here are articles in this section:

Below is a checklist of over 50 types of electronic communication.

1. Autoresponders
2. Blogs
3. Bookmarking
4. Calendars
5. Collaborative software in the workspace
6. Computer screen messages
7. Data conferencing
8. Ebooks
9. Electronic and web chat shows
10. Electronic bookmarking
11. Electronic brochures
12. Electronic content on cds and dvds
13. Electronic flash teaser
14. Electronic games
15. Electronic meeting system
16. Electronic newsletter
17. Electronic questionnaires and surveys
18. Electronic voteline
19. Email
20. Email campaigns with links to intranet
21. Emailable audiovisuals
22. Enterprize bookmarking
23. Extranet
24. Eye witness news electronic broadcasts
25. Faxing
26. Flash mailer
27. Forums
28. Instant messaging
29. Intranet
30. Online chat
31. Online consultation
32. Personalized urls (Purls)
33. Pop up electronic teasers
34. Radio or voice clips sent or broadcast electronically
35. Screensavers
36. Skype
37. Sms campaign
38. Social networks like Friendster, myspace, Twitter and Facebook
39. Sound clips
40. Special code to web page as part of bigger campaign
41. Synchronous conferencing
42. Telephone campaign with electronic aspects
43. Telephony
44. Text chat
45. Video
46. Video conferencing
47. Viral email competitions
48. Voice mail
49. Wall of fame on intranet
50. Web conferencing
51. Web publishing
52. Webcam
53. Website
54. Whiteboarding
55. Wikis

E-mail is a powerful a tool when used ethically. Spam is never acceptable. Information and messages sent to a target market via mass email can be effective provided it is sent only to a legitimately built email list.

These are just a few examples of important everyday workplace communication methods. They can be used to provide clear, concise communication. Many organizations use the tools listed above as their chief methods of communication.

Types of electronic communication methods in the modern office

These types of electronic communication methods of downward communication or upward and sideways communication beat the limitations of methods of communication 50 years ago. They provide methods of international communication that are instant with no delays.

Methods of screen based communication can be used to disseminate information quickly and accurately, with a well planned message. One client of ours immediately put a stop to gossip in the work place by providing sufficient information to correct what was being said and to clear up rumors or misunderstandings.

Types of electronic communication


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Electronic teaser
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Pop up teasers
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Screensaver standard: using existing artwork
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Sms campaign
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Sound clips
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Viral campaign
Viral campaign, conceptualization, set up, dissemination
Simple campaign
Medium campaign
Complicated campaign


Sound clips
Sms campaign
Pop up teasers
Viral campaign
Electronic newsletter
CDs and DVDs

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