Teamwork in the Work place

Teamwork in the work place and teamwork slogans are important in building morale and increasing productivity and loyalty.

Employees in almost every workplace talk about "their team", "building the best team" and "working as an efficient team", but veryfew really understand what creating effective teamwork in the workplace actually entails. When one belongs to a team, one feels a part of belonging to something bigger than oneself. This includes understanding the aims and objectives of the company.

A good and efficient team contributes to the success of the organization. When you work in an environment that is "team-oriented" you automatically produce better results. The fact that you are in a particular department and have a particular job to do does not negate the fact that you are united with other members of the organization to successfully accomplish objectives of the company.

Team building in a workplace needs competence. Good teamwork emerges when the team feels that all its members have the skill, knowledge and capability to handle issues or have the necessary access to all the help needed to accomplish the mission the team was created for.

To have successful teamwork in the workplace the team has to have empowerment and freedom to feel accountable and responsible towards its vision and mission in order to accomplish it. Limitations and boundaries have to be set and understood by all team members in regards to how far they may go in their pursuit of answers/solutions. Therefore time resources and monetary limitations should be defined in advance.

Communication is one of the vital aspects of good teamwork in the workplace. Team members should be absolutely clear about priorities of the various tasks laid out. Established methods for members to give and receive feedbacks are a must. Clear and honest communication among the team members will help to do away with unnecessary conflicts.

It is also important to build feelings of accountability and teamwork slogansresponsibility in team members. Rewarding and recognizing teams that are successful is also helpful and this will motivate teams to work harder and better in future.

If members spend time finding fault or finger pointing instead of working together to resolve any problems that might arise, then there will be no teamwork at all. The company or organization should make sure that there are reward and recognition systems for both individual as well as team performances.

Today there is a cultural change that involves the shifting from the hierarchical and traditional organization to the collaborative, team based culture. Therefore the organization should plan to change its processes of recognizing, rewarding, appraising, hiring and motivating its employees. In this way the organization will receive back much more in terms of success and profits from teamwork.

Teamwork is the creation of a working culture that places "collaboration" in high esteem. People in this type of an environment understand and fully believe that planning, thinking, actions and decisions are far better when done in teamworkcooperation with one another. To be able to have successful and valuable teamwork in the workplace, leaders should communicate clearly that collaboration and teamwork are expected and that no one really owns a process or work area all by himself.

Values of effective teamwork in the work place should be shared and identified with the employees. Rewards like bonuses, compensation and others should be given depending on joint teamwork as well as individual achievement and contribution.

Fun ice-breakers and activities that make the team members and participants come together to know each other better and even laugh together is a great investment towards having a close-knit and effective team and is good for teamwork in the work place.

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Teamwork Activities and the Characteristics Effective Teamwork

5 Essential Teamwork Activities that Enhance Teamwork

In order for teamwork activities to be effective is requires several activities that are essential for the success of the team. These include:

  1. The ability to help and be helped.
    In other words, a team member must know when they need help with and not be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Participation is crucial because if one team member heads off alone to do their "own thing" the rest of the team is left holding the ball, so-to-speak.
  3. In order to be effective as a team, you must communicate and listen to other team members; if you like to talk, you need to learn when it is time to listen.
  4. Being able to make suggestions to other members of the team and being open to receiving suggestions is essential for effective teamwork.
  5. Problem-solving skills when working together on the team is what helps to make the team effective and has better outcomes.

Teams that work together share goals, objectives, and responsibilities. Therefore, these activities get better results than when the workers are left to work individually. The very fact they you may be part of a team, gives you a responsibility to the team to ensure that you keep up your end of the deal.

Team Activities and Team Building Exercise Ideas

Teams do not instantly work perfectly together. Instead, you need to put some effort into building the team as a whole by allowing the team members to get more familiar with each other. You also need to create some activities for them to learn how to work together.

The great news is that there are many different team building exercise ideas for you to take advantage of.

Here are some of the best teamwork activities.

  1. Trivia Game - In teamwork activities like this teams try to score as many points as possible by deciphering the answer to various trivia questions. THese can be about any subject that you want including the history of your company or the products that you work with.
  2. The Human Knot Game - Have the team members grab hands randomly and they'll instantly be in a knot. Their job is to untangle without letting go of each other's hands.
  3. Blindfolded Obstacle Course - Create an obstacle course that teams have to go through while being blindfolded. This forces the team members to work together on any obstacle that they run into be it physical or mental.
  4. Treasure Hunt - Everyone loves the idea of finding buried treasure. Develop a list of clues that will lead your teams from place to place. This can actually be very enlightening to watch as true personalities can begin to show.
  5. A Day on the Green Teamwork Activityies - One of the best ways to get your team working together is to get them playing a sport together. Golf is a great option because team members of all ages and physical fitness levels can play!

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