292 Strange Unique Gifts and Unusual Fun Gifts

There are many strange unique gifts and unusual fun gifts, safety giveaways, unusual holiday gifts, unusual Xmas gifts, male gift ideas, baby giveaways, unusual chocolate gifts, unique best friend gifts, unique bridal shower ideas, holiday gift ideas for women. From unique inexpensive gifts or free homemade gift ideas for eg 50th anniversary gift suggestions, or goody bag favors. When giving a gift think creatively and look for new ideas that have not been done before.

How about running a strange unique gifts giveaway campaign in the office and awarding a prize to the winner?
Make the gifts match an achievement. You could for instance have software giveaways to staff who work the hardest. The gifts should be unusual and relevant to the person, not the same old boring corporate giveaways that people are tired of.

Maybe your company can't compete with high budget, well publicized gifts used in TV shows or corporate competitions such as the Oprah car giveaway, million dollars giveaway, guitar giveaway contest, software giveaway of the day, HGTV house giveaway, St Jude dream home giveaway, but there are many different and even strange unique gifts ideas that you can use instead. See the list below of 292 strange gifts.

You could have a promotions giveaway of the day in order to promote your own products amongst staff. There are many promotions giveaways and goody bag ideas that you could use in order to motivate your staff to work harder. There are many wonderful unique gifts for women and there are also some fantastic unique gifts for men.

You can even create your work logo on products like giveaway pens or unique coffee mugs for the office. While these don't qualify as strange unique gifts they can be cost effective and can fill a need. Get ideas form the list of gifts for coworkers.

You and your staff could come up with some unusual strange unique gifts that are gadgets. There are a vast amount of interesting and unusual gifts goody bag ideawhich you can use in order to encourage staff to work harder and meet targets. You do not even have to have a big budget as you can make use of inexpensive gifts and strange unique gifts.

Home made origami is one of the cheap unique gift ideas to show you care and have put personal time and effort into the gift. Can be used as the card by including a message. You can find origami folding instructions such as origami stars directions, origami swan instructions, origami flower instructions, origami crane instructions, paper airplane instructions, origami rose instructions, and origami heart instructions for a romantic touch.

The scope for strange unique gifts is endless. Take Christmas gift ideas and adapt them. Get more ideas from the list of strange unique gifts below. Let then act as a trigger for ideas.

Also look in some of the most unique mail order catalogs to get ideas.

Other strange unique gifts and giveaway ideas:
  1. Air bags
  2. Alcohol gift boxes
  3. Apron and oven glove
  4. Armbands
  5. Ash trays
  6. Award pin
  7. Baby gifts
  8. Back packs
  9. Backgammon sets
  10. Badges
  11. Bags
  12. Ballgoody bag idea
  13. Balloons/popcorn for whole department/ dinner
  14. Bar accessories
  15. Bar set
  16. Beach rugs
  17. Beach towels
  18. Beanies
  19. Bell
  20. Biltong knives
  21. Bingo
  22. Binoculars
  23. Biscuit
  24. Blazers
  25. Books
  26. Bottle openers
  27. Boxing glove
  28. Braai set
  29. Branded jerseys
  30. Brassware
  31. Breathalyser
  32. Bridge
  33. Brief cases
  34. Bright wax crayons
  35. Bug box
  36. Burn pads
  37. Bus ticket
  38. Bush jacket
  39. Business card holders
  40. Button badges
  41. Cage
  42. Calculators
  43. Calendars
  44. Camping mats
  45. Can coolers
  46. Caps
  47. Car jumper leads for a jump start
  48. Caviar and champagne glass
  49. Cd holders
  50. Cds
  51. Cell phone holders
  52. Chess sets
  53. Chicken
  54. Chocolates
  55. Christmas lights
  56. Clock or stopwatch
  57. Clocks
  58. Clothes brush
  59. Cocktail shaker
  60. Coffee mugs goody bag idea
  61. Comb
  62. Compass
  63. Compass, map and coin bag
  64. Computer mouse
  65. Conference bags
  66. Conference folders
  67. Cooler back chairs
  68. Cooler bags
  69. Cork screw
  70. Corporate clothing
  71. Corporate clothing/lunch for the department
  72. Cosmetics
  73. Cricket balls
  74. Cricket bats
  75. Cube change from white to black
  76. Cufflinks
  77. Dart boards
  78. Deck chairs
  79. Desk accessories
  80. Desk clocks
  81. Desk organizers
  82. Dictaphone
  83. Dinner
  84. Director's chair
  85. Disposable camera
  86. Dominoes
  87. Double decker pizza
  88. Dressing gowns
  89. Ear plugs
  90. Emergency car kits
  91. Emergency plane kit
  92. Executive folders
  93. Executive suits
  94. Executive toys goody bag idea
  95. Eye drops to clear your vision
  96. Filo faxes
  97. Fire extinguisher
  98. First aid kit
  99. Fizz ball
  100. Flags and banners
  101. Flowers
  102. Fluffy toys
  103. Folders
  104. Folding chair
  105. Frisbees
  106. Games
  107. Garden kits
  108. Gift hampers
  109. Gift sets
  110. Glasses
  111. Glassware
  112. Golf bags
  113. Golf clubs
  114. Golf game or voucher
  115. Golf kits
  116. Golf shirt
  117. Grooming sets
  118. Gym towels
  119. Hammock
  120. Hampers
  121. Hats
  122. Headphones
  123. High energy drink
  124. Highlighters
  125. Hikes
  126. Hip flasks
  127. Holiday escapes
  128. Hot air balloon ridegoody bag idea
  129. Ice bucket
  130. Ice crusher
  131. Jack in the box
  132. Jackets
  133. Jewellery
  134. Jewellery boxes
  135. Juice bottles
  136. Jumper cables
  137. Kaleidoscope
  138. Key rings
  139. Keyboards
  140. Kites for high flyers
  141. Kites lamps
  142. Knife
  143. Lapel pins
  144. Laptop bags
  145. Laser pointers
  146. Lava lamps
  147. Leaflet notes
  148. Leather goods
  149. Leather jackets
  150. Lego
  151. Lenticular
  152. Letter openers
  153. Lighters
  154. Lilo
  155. Liquor presentations
  156. Logo mats
  157. Lotto
  158. Lounge shirts
  159. Lunch boxes
  160. Lunch for the department
  161. Madiba shirts
  162. Magazine subscription
  163. Magic cubes
  164. Magic tricks
  165. Magnet
  166. Magnifying glass
  167. Manicure sets
  168. Masks
  169. Matches
  170. Measuring tape
  171. Medals
  172. Memo holders
  173. Mineral water
  174. Mirrors
  175. Monopoly concept
  176. Moon bags
  177. Mouse pads
  178. Mouse trap
  179. Movie ticket
  180. Mugs
  181. Multi-tools
  182. Napkin holders
  183. Napkins
  184. Note paper
  185. Novelty phones
  186. Organizers
  187. Out or the ordinary
  188. Outdoor accessories
  189. Oven mitts
  190. Overseas training trip
  191. Paint brush
  192. Paint kit
  193. Paper cubes
  194. Paper dispensers
  195. Paper weight
  196. Peanuts in tin
  197. Pencil cases
  198. Pencil box with hinge
  199. Pen-knives
  200. Pens
  201. Pens and pencil sets
  202. Pewter mugs
  203. Pewter ware
  204. Photo albums
  205. Photo frames
  206. Pick up sticks
  207. Picnic baskets
  208. Piggy bank
  209. Pillow gifts
  210. Plant
  211. Plaques
  212. Pocket knives
  213. Polystyrene cooler
  214. Popcorn for whole department
  215. Post it pads
  216. Punching bag
  217. Purses
  218. Puzzle
  219. Radios
  220. Recipe book
  221. Rugby balls
  222. Ruler with half measurements
  223. Rulers
  224. Runners shirt
  225. Salt and pepper cellar
  226. Sand timer
  227. Scarves
  228. Scissors
  229. Screwdriver
  230. Seeds - giving back to nature
  231. Separately with locked tin
  232. Serviette holder
  233. Sewing kits
  234. Shoe horns
  235. Shooting stick
  236. Shorts
  237. Silk scarves goody bag idea
  238. Silverware
  239. Slip slops
  240. Snakes and ladders
  241. Soap
  242. Socks
  243. Sponges
  244. Sports bags
  245. Sports cushions
  246. Sports shirts
  247. Sports towels
  248. Squash bags
  249. Squash kits
  250. Squash racket
  251. Staple undoer
  252. Stockings
  253. Stress balls
  254. Sun tan lotion with tag
  255. Sunglasses
  256. Survival kits
  257. Sweet bracelet
  258. Sweet tape
  259. Sweets
  260. Swiss knives
  261. Swizzle sticks
  262. Syringe
  263. Tape dispenser
  264. Tape measure
  265. Tea
  266. Tea cup
  267. Telephone books
  268. Tennis balls
  269. Thermo-coolers
  270. Ties
  271. Tool kits
  272. Toothbrush
  273. Toothpick
  274. Torch
  275. Torches
  276. Towel
  277. Toys
  278. Travel bags
  279. Travel luggage
  280. Travel wallets
  281. Trophies
  282. Trousers
  283. Tshirt
  284. Two way radios
  285. Umbrellas
  286. Vacuum flask
  287. Waist bags
  288. Waist coats
  289. Walking sticks
  290. Wall clocks
  291. Watches
  292. Water bottles

Other ideas

Origami Stars Directions
One of the best ways to get your staff working well together could be to set up some fun activities with the use of a themed campaign.

There is one thing which is out of the ordinary, creative, fun and doesn't cost much and that is origami. The origami folding instructions are actually quite simple and you can create beautiful origami star directions in a fairly short space of time.

If you think it was fun creating a paper airplane in your school days, you should give your staff some real fun with some origami rose instructions. Instead of making a paper airplane, your staff can have bundles of fun and enhance their creativity when they learn how to produce fantastic origami cranes. These strange unique gifts are especially designed for the person receiving the gift.

Once you are able to make an origami crane, you can then do it again and again, with different colors. If you want to do something interactive and productive for you staff on a limited budget, then an origami campaign could be the answer for you.

Also see these links for more related information on strange unique gifts, holiday gift ideas for women and unique easter baskets:

Instruction For Making Gift Baskets

Instruction for making gift baskets to make somebody feel really appreciated? Do you want your employees to know that the management cares for them? The day of giving all your employees that extra tiny bonus on Christmas is long gone. Today's the day of the management wooing the employees and keeping them on, well content to work in such a congenial atmosphere and environment. This is where gift baskets come in.

Making up of gift baskets is definitely a chore, which cannot be done overnight. Gift baskets can be made for every single important occasion imaginable, including wedding anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, promotions, and any other occasion, which is memorable in the life of your employees. Your business contacts can also be sent gift baskets, which are specially designed to make a stylish and tasteful impact.

So, what goes in the making up of a gift basket?

Be creative, because there are so many things out there, which can be put in a little gift basket. Chocolates, small knickknacks and snacks are interesting, but passé; everybody is making up gift baskets including these products. Try a wine collection for a business gift basket. This is definitely going to be enjoyed by everybody who partakes of your thoughtful gift.

You can also send a gift basket made up of organically grown fruit and spices, to your business acquaintances. This is a stylish yet cost-effective way of getting your business acquaintances to notice you. Besides, a wide-ranging variety of fruit is always eclectic. So, do not restrict your fruit to just one type of exotic Caribbean products. Be creative; choose two items from each variety in front of you! Your diet conscious client or even employees are going to bless you for this thought!

Go online and look for high-quality yet cheap gift hamper items. There are plenty of places where you can get them wholesale.

Choose a wide-ranging variety and collection of these items. It means your employees are not going to have the same boring similar looking key chains, put in their gift hampers.

The classic cookie selection and collection is a good idea, but you might find some diet conscious people looking askance at this careful effort. But do not worry, as long as the cookies are delicious and healthy, this business giveaway for your corporate clients, as well as your staff, is an extremely good idea.

You may want to choose wicker or other natural hampers, (easily available online) in which to put your gift items. These hampers can be used again and again, and they are extremely stylish. Apart from that, any environmentally conscious person is going to love these gift hampers, instead of the gifts placed in plastic boxes. You could try putting in wallets, diaries, and even mugs and key chains in the gift hampers, sent to your long-term customers.

A gift hamper or a gift basket is something which shows that you care; so take some time to choose the gifts which are going to be put in the hamper. Follow the tips in instruction for making gift baskets. Your employees and your clients are going to cherish these gift baskets for a long time!

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