Spring Bulletin Board Ideas


24 Creative spring bulletin board ideas and interactive design tips to communicate messages in the workplace.

Spring provides plenty of imagery. Its connotations of action, new beginnings and growth conjure up ideas for both borders and backgrounds.

Use bright spring colours on a fresh green background. Below are interactive spring bulletin board ideas that can be easily put together. Spring bulletin border ideas with flowers

  1. The flowers along the bottom can be made either from cardboard cutouts or wood attached to blocks like doorknobs. Items can be hung from these. Use a spring slogan such as ‘spring into action’.
  2. Get staff to share workplace photos in a photo gallery. Here, they Employee gallery photoswill be able to see what others in different departments are doing. You could show staff involvement in a specific campaign, high achievers, or staff who have gone the extra mile. Include individuals’ comments, concerns and opinions on issues. This will provide an interesting visual display, tackling the topic from a variety of angles.
  3. This board uses 3D elements for the ‘road to excellence’ campaign. Attached to it is a pencil with a flag made from paper or fabric. The message is to chart your progress.
  4. Seed packaging imagery on tags can be stuck on the board. Spring flower bulletin board with seeds
    Use clip art pictures of flowers, a hosepipe, grass, and other spring garden images.
    The wavy lines in the background brighten up the board and create sections on which notices can be placed. The title of the board is ‘spring seasonal starter pack’. It can contain various elements for a fresh start to the season. These ideas can also be used for summer bulletin board ideas.
  5. Have a single graphic on the board that matches the board’s background. Have a banner in a scroll shape across the bottom of the board with the project’s name. Use the image of a traffic light with the message ‘all systems go’.
  6. A coloured swirl can be placed at the top of this board. Coloured strips on the lower section of the board have pockets containing information. The pockets can include cards that staff can place on the board based on progress or milestones. The title of the project can be placed in the pink area in coloured letters.
  7. Make a bumblebee to hang from the board using pompoms made out of black and yellow wool. Cut out wings from felt, use piper cleaners for the legs and attach movable eyes.
  8. Place an oblong plastic flowerpot with seedlings along the bottom of the board and watch the plants grow.
  9. Place grass imagery along the bottom of the board.
  10. Use pastel orange or bright yellow fabrics for the bulletin board background together with daffodils and tulips made from construction paper or card stock for the border. Put a ‘springing into action’ sign at the top of the bulletin board.
  11. Make a border using a double layer of wavy paper layered to show two colours. Spring bulletin boards in reds and yellows
    Cut out and attach flowers to the top right and bottom left corners. Add tea bags for a ‘spring in a tea bag herbal flower tea’ with coloured pins. Instead of the wavy lines along the bottom you could create a flower bed scene.
  12. Post newspaper clippings of case studies taken from different angles.
  13. Incorporate audio, visual and tactile features in your bulletin boards to grab your audience’s attention. Find ways to engage your audience by using the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. Have a promotion stand similar to the ones used in stores for product tasting. Have onions cooking or an ice cream cart with ice cream samples, the message being ‘food for thought’ for the promotion of a new concept. You could also attach scratch-and-sniff patches to the board.
  14. Attach a movement sensor to the board that, when activated, plays prerecorded messages. Get a couple of staff members to trigger it as part of the act.
  15. Place a camera on the board to video people’s reactions, like candid camera. This can be used to gauge reactions to certain issues like implementing a new policy. Reactions can be played back on a video screen on the board.
  16. Notices on square blocks can be hung from the garden fork attached to the bottom of the board. Spring bulletin board with garden forkThe board has an unusual shape to make it a little different. A grass vector drawing is placed on the green background. Mount the grass image on a thicker board to give it a greater presence.
  17. Use paper and cardboard textures to create different effects.
  18. Add a coffee stain.
  19. Use lined paper with handwritten messages.
  20. Attach giant-sized paperclips to a notice to attract attention.
  21. Cut edges with zigzag scissors.
  22. Create a graffiti board where people can write messages or leave comments.
  23. Use origami and novel paper folding ideas.
  24. Have items hanging off the board from string.

Use similar ideas for fall and winter bulletin board idea.

Campaign idea:

Promote depression and mental illness awareness on the board.

International happiness day, held on day on 20 March, Shaped notice sealed with stickeraims to create awareness about anxiety, depression and mental illness. Reduce the stigma associated with depression by educating staff on the symptoms, causes and treatments.

  1. Highlight methods of coping with depression and early intervention techniques.
  2. Encourage staff who have been affected by depression and anxiety to share their experiences. They could be trained to take part in a peer counsellor system to reach out and help other employees.
  3. List the names and numbers of professional organisations where staff can get help.
  4. Use shaped notices that fold into a square and seal with a sticker. A card promoting techniques to prevent depression can be placed in the centre of the envelope. Smiling shapes and icons can be placed on the board or could be used to make a border. Alternately, hang the images from the red strip at the top of the board. Combine bright and bold colours with black.
  5. Use a smiling mouth with a heart on one of the teeth. The message is to love yourself and be happy.
  6. List ways to appreciate and live in the moment on the board. Include depression management tips such as taking part in physical exercise, getting plenty of sleep and practising an attitude of gratitude.

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