Social Marketing Definition, the New Way to to Get your Message Across

Social marketing definition: Social marketing includes marketing and advertising methods to target potential consumers via social networking website, such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Bebo. These marketing techniques are used for social good eg to enlist support for worthy causes.

Social Marketing as a Communication Tool

6 reasons why reasons why social marketing is an effective communications tool:

It has proven to be a logical offshoot of traditional online marketing. As the world of Web 2.0 expanded the potential to communicate online, social networks emerged. Such networks are now used for marketing which is definitely a positive development.

  1. It integrates all forms of communication: text, audio, and video.
  2. Social marketing platforms are easy to use which enhances communications potential immensely.
  3. Direct communication and feedback with other members of the network is possible.
  4. Social networks maintain customer service personnel to guide you towards effective use of its communication tools.
  5. The audience you can reach via social marketing is enormously vast.
  6. It takes very little time to set up an effective communications network.

These points are a short list of the main reasons why this remains a tremendous communications tool. All in all, any company seeking to boost communicative abilities needs to seriously consider social marketing as an option.

Corporate Social Marketing

Corporate social marketing is a powerful tool and strategy used today to fight many health threatening issues as well as the well-being of people and communities all over the world. Certain techniques and marketing principles are used to change behavior in a particular population, improve the society and build a successful market for services and products.

As the famous saying goes "Before nations can change - people should", corporate social marketing endeavors to help behavior change in order to improve the safety, health and environment. This is what makes corporate social marketing different from other social initiatives like community volunteering and corporate philanthropy etc that aim to raise finances and awareness of a brand and good will, but not to effect a change in the individual behavior of people. Therefore CSM - corporate social marketing is considered the best among other social initiatives because it influences the behavior of individuals apart from increased sales, market development etc.

Today, cause marketing - the support of social causes through promotions and paid scholarships; cause related marketing - the donating of a certain amount of money from sales of items; corporate philanthropy - the inclusion of direct grants (cash) to a cause or charity; socially responsible practices - use of reduced packaging and recycled good; and community volunteering - when employees volunteer in the community are all social initiatives that are practiced. However, corporate social marketing still outshone them all because the changes in personal and individual behavior effected a change in behavior of the consumer. These changes in the behavior of employees help towards a safer environment in the workplace.

Employees automatically benefit from a positive change in their behavior. Therefore they are more than likely to build a strong and positive association and relationship with the company that helped to bring about the change. The company also derives good marketing benefits due to the change in the behavior of the consumer. Those non-profit and government organizations that have an aim to make progress in disease prevention and conservation are the ones that will embrace corporate social marketing.

Social marketing programs and initiatives enhance worker safety as well as communication in the workplace. Year after year workers are injured while on the job and therefore government departments, workers' compensation agencies etc who became increasingly interested in workers' safety are beginning to use social marketing as an effective tool for the reduction of injuries in the workplace.

Workplace safety communication programs and campaigns that are a part of corporate social marketing help to bring unsafe work habits and behaviors to an end. Social marketing is using techniques and marketing principles in order to influence a "target-audience" to reject, accept, abandon or even modify a certain behavior for the good or benefit of a group, individual or society. In the workplace an exchange generally takes place - an employee gives up something so that he/she gains something. Here, it is the behaviors that are unsafe or bad habits of the employee that are given up in order to achieve a higher safety level and good communication with others in the workplace.

Employers use incentives as a social marketing tool or approach for facilitating behavior, which makes it much easier for the people in the workplace to change and have a better behavior that will benefit both them and the company. A good corporate social marketing definition, understanding and use of the concept in the workplace is necessary. Corporate social marketing demonstrates good values like safety etc so that employees feel that the "price" they pay in order to change is really worth the gain.

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