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Seasonal bulletin boards seasonal bulletin boards with spring flowerscould be all about color to welcome each season in. It is actually best to make over a bulletin board within the workspace at the beginning of every month. This task could be rotated among the staff. The bulletin board should always look inviting, fun and unique. Spring bulletin board ideas could entail filling the borders with a mass of colorful flower cutouts. Summer bulletin board themes could showcase trees in full bloom with even more colorful flowers and a lovely big sun. Autumn bulletin board ideas can herald in the best of reds and oranges to set the bulletin board aflame with creativity. Winter bulletin board ideas can make the board glitter with fresh whites, greens and reds.

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Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques could involve getting the staff to personalize the workplace bulletin board to help in making them feel a part of the team.



Creative techniques for seasonal bulletins that get attention could include:

  1. Environmental awareness - To bring out awareness of protecting and saving the environment a campaign at least once a year must be run in all organizations. Planting saplings day, thoughts on how to keep the planet clean, using earth friendly products can all be discussion topics on the bulletin board.
  2. At the movies - Upcoming movies can be displayed with a short introduction into the theme the movie is based on. The staff can be advised how to handle even the difficult customers. Make sure there is a permanent bulletin board with a map of the fire exits, rest rooms, eating places available.
  3. For the staff - Have a just for you bulletin board. Let it be done completely by interested employees. Do not in any way interfere with this activity board, as long as it does not affect the company or employees in it. This way it is easy to pick out the innovative, energetic team builders and good contributors.
  4. For the customers - In sales related organizations, have a separate bulletin board decorated appropriately according to the company for customers to leave their feedback. Have a stash of good service and bad service papers with a few lines for the customer to leave his personal comments, if any.
  5. Public gathering - In public gathering areas like churches and temples put in a bulletin board to let everyone know the upcoming events. Any money collection campaign for a good cause or classes to be conducted inside the premises can be displayed. Also a few words from spiritual books can be written.
  6. Improvements - When doing a new project or setting up a new team, there may be controversial ideas coming up within the team. If discussed in person it might lead to inter personal problems. Let the team out up its ideas anonymously. This way all ideas can be considered and decided upon in a friendly way.
  7. Previous contributors seasonal bulletin boards - Once a project gets over gather information on excellent performing employees and have it displayed. Make a note of what they worked on, how they solved critical issues, helped meet deadlines and how they played their part to bring out overall team success. This is a motivational method.
  8. Hall of fame seasonal bulletin boards - All big organizations have the hall of fame where previous employers are honored by having their picture and description in a separate room meant especially for this. Have a bulletin board and let the employees write down their thoughts here. Also add motivational thoughts to the board.
  9. Company achievements - Motivation finally comes from knowing the company is performing well. List the various achievements and awards of the company from the previous year. This will make the employees work to strive to take the company to the next level. In critical times this is a morale booster.
  10. Ongoing projects - To give the employees a feel of how well the company is doing make a list of the projects the company is doing at present. This will encourage them to work faster to get even more projects for the company. Present the rate of profit increase with every project the company takes up.
  11. Finished ones - For the finished projects make sure in the bulletin board the customer comments are included. The good ones are a motivation! The bad ones make the employees correct the mistakes and bring out a better product in the future.
  12. Make it lively - Make all presentations on the bulletin board a lively one. Dull colors must be replaced by fresh new colors which are bright and attractive. Try to bring in fresh ideas to decorate the board as often as you can. Also get the help of willing employees to pool in many more ideas.
  13. Discussions on board - Take up tough concepts and also any doubts with the project and clear them on the bulletin board. Start the discussion and let all participate. Keep monitoring the answers to make sure they are correct. Information sharing is much easier now.
  14. Get your doubts cleared here seasonal bulletin boards - Have a separate bulletin just to get the doubts cleared. Have this as a permanent one, preferably one near each team. Each time a person has a doubt, he need not keep going to the superior. He can get it cleared with his colleagues just by posting it on the board.
  15. Don'ts and do's - There is always a list of rules to be followed inside the office premises and a list of activities to be avoided. Make a list and get to know what the staffs think about it. Make sure the words are all blocked for better view from all cabins at the workplace.
  16. Efficient performers - Make a list of the best performers, make a bio data in brief of them, and approach them. In their own words write down as to how they strived to achieve good results, such as the technology they used and how they thought of it. This will make all staff look at problems with different perspectives.
  17. Upcoming fun events - To make sure everyone knows and remembers fun events organized by the company let them know and what needs to be done. This way volunteers can be got and also the atmosphere is an energetic one with the staff discussing the event.
  18. Upcoming major seminars -Seminars and conferences which are a must attend for everyone can be posted on the bulletin board. Key points of the seminar, like who is going to be the speaker, what topic it is on, the duration of the seminar, the venue and any pre requisites must be mentioned. Contact information for registration is a must.

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