Safety Meeting Topics - Good Persuasive Topics to Discuss in Workplace Safety Meetings

Safety Meeting Topics and Rules for Running a Meeting to Keep the Workplace Safe

Maintaining a clean and safe workplace is a concern for organizations.

Accidents that occur in the work place can cause severe results, especially where improper, or no, safety equipment is available to the workers.

In order to maintain the safety in the workplace, it is necessary to conduct safety meetings and campaigns to raise awareness of possible hazards and how to avoid them.

Many organizations know the severity of the consequences of a work related injury and are usually vigilant about devoting time and resources to keeping their workforce safe from harm.

safety meeting topics

It is a good idea to set weekly or biweekly safety meetings for your staff, depending on the nature of the business.

Here are some safety meeting topics ideas

  1. Safety goals and objectives
  2. Monitoring safety progress
  3. Identifying hazards and risks
  4. Safety and financial benefits
  5. Safety and the balanced scorecard
  6. Setting targets and ensuring commitment
  7. Developing safe work systems
  8. Policies and procedures
  9. Safety values and principles
  10. Allocating responsibility and authority
  11. Rehabilitation after an incident
  12. Workplace inspections
  13. Measuring and reporting
  14. Developing and effective safety culture
  15. Building an incident free workplace
  16. Removing obstacles to safety
  17. Safety and accountability
  18. Developing safety habits in the workplace

This list of safety meeting topics is not exhaustive.

If the work load is too high and a meeting is not feasible then consider putting together a memo to distribute to all employees. The above safetey meeting topics that are relevant to your current issue can be included in the memo.

Communicating in person is much better as you can look in their eyes and see that they are listening. Emails and memos tend to be overlooked if people are too busy.

Some safety meeting topics that are useful in nearly every work environment include slips, trips, and falls, and the proper use of safety equipment.

If your work place has large pieces of machinery such as trash compactors and line belts then it may need shut down occasionally for repairs you may want to do a safety course on the "stay out" tags that are used to mark a machine out of service.

The safety meeting topics of slips, trips, and falls can be broken out into several different sessions or meetings. This covers a very broad amount of information. You can focus on putting things in their place so they are not in the way of people walking in or out of the area. This could mean boxes of merchandise, paper, or any other things. It could mean ensuring that the wires are tucked in properly so that no one gets their foot stuck as they pull away from their desk.

You could also cover items such as reporting any spots in the floor that there has been a spill. This could occur without someone noticing if they are walking through the area with an open container of coffee. They may simply not have noticed that they sloshed some of the coffee over the side. Reporting the spill could safe someone from falling as they walk over the area.

Another one of the great safety meeting topics regards keeping the isle ways clear of obstacles so that, in the case of an emergency, people can pass through without running into obstructions. Blocking an isle way is something that can be done without even thinking about it. In facilities that use carts to transport work from area to area, many people stop the cart in a spot that blocks the isle. They are not intending to cause a blockage but they do not really think about it.

Many companies use bright tape on the floor to mark the area that needs to remain clear. There are fire marshal regulations as to how wide a walk way should be in case of an emergency. The fines for blocking an exit way can be very steep so communicating this information to the employees is crucial.

Companies that communicate well with their employees have a higher retention rate in the workplace and have happier employees in general.

Get employees involved in the process of workplace safety meeting topics and meetings and you will find that the workplace incidents are drastically reduced. Employees like to feel that they are making a difference with what they do. The workplace can be a fun and safe environment when communication lines are open.

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It is necessary for companies to take care of employees' safety through employee health and wellness programs. Effective employee orientation programs are essential for every company, no matter how large or small.

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