Ribbon Bulletin Board

The ribbon bulletin board is sometimes called a memo board. They are decorative bulletin boards that are often utilized for holding photos as well as other types of printed material. A utilitarian bulletin board is typically covered over with cork.

A ribbon notice board is usually covered with some type of fabric then crossed with ribbon strips. Instead of pushpins that can sometimes look unattractive, a ribbon bulletin board utilizes tension for holding photos or papers in place. Fabric covered bulletin boards can be creatively designed with ribbon for a pleasing look, and bulletin board decorating ideas can be created on a board to suit specific size limitations or color palettes.

A ribbon bulletin board is appropriate in either the home or the office setting. Fun and interesting bulletin board themes can be integrated within the ribbon bulletin boards!

Here are some simple workplace communication tools, methods and techniques to get more staff to read your bulletin boards:


Promote Your Favorite Bedlam Game or Bowl!

Put their colors on the board and their mascots, and if possible their current won/lost record. Put up a big date on the board where everyone wears their favorite teams' colors to work. Have everyone meet up at the local sports bar for the game if possible.

Very Interesting!

After putting up the background in a color like light green, fill the board with interesting but little known facts, like humming birds don't walk, etc. Make or print pictures that correlate with the fact posted. Decorate the border in solid colors or question marks and explanation points. The title here can be "very Interesting."

What did you say?

Post the same common words in English on the board each week, but translate it into another language. For example, the first week would be English/Spanish, the second week would be English/Kiowa, the third week would be English/German, etc. Using common words such as: hello, yes, no, bathroom, thank you, etc. would be helpful to know. Also, do the border in festive colors, representing possible colors of other languages. Do the left half of the board in red, white and blue stripes and it would not have to change again. The right half you can do in the flag colors of the language that was chosen to translate into. This can be called "A Celebration of Words" or something related.

Calm and Peaceful

Decorate the board in calming colors such as blues, greens, and purples and include calming images. These images could be waterfalls, empty beaches, birds in flight, etc. If so inclined, add words that are calming, such as peace, relax and the like.

Drive ‘em Nuts!

Post some logic problems and/or riddles on the board and surround with question marks. Don't post the answers until the end of the week.


Get in on the smoothie craze. Fill the board with fruit and frosty glasses. Post different smoothie recipes on recipe cards. Fill the border area with different types of fruit. Make the background a fruity looking color. Call this one "Tootie Fruity" or something like this.

Fire Alert!

Start with a yellow back ground. Next, post warnings during fire danger months, where the grass and trees lack precipitation and the wind picks up. Everyone could use the reminder on Fire safety tips as well. Remember things like, ‘don't throw out lit cigarettes' or ‘check before grilling'. Fire Stations in your area will be glad to help with these. You might even post a schedule if they have public awareness meetings or CPR classes, etc. Surround the border with blazes of fire, fire trucks and hydrants. Call this one "Fire Alert."

History of the computer

Since just about everyone uses them now, it would be fun to include a history of PC's, from who invented them to how they were used. Show pictures from the x-large ones that the government first had to the micro minis we now have today. Just about any color would work here for a background. IF you want to get the PC glow colors use black, green or bluish purple, etc. If you want a border 0's and 1's would be appropriate since it is considered the language (binary code) of computers. Entitle this board "History of the Computer" or "Computer History."

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Bulletin boards in the workplace are still an effective form of communication.

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