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Benefits of Office Meeting Games to Break the Ice

3 Great meeting ice breaker ideas

Many people think of office meetings as serene, serious, and quite frankly, boring. However, you do not have to be the norm, you can break out of the box and offer meetings that are fun and help your group be more effective listening to what you need to communicate to them concerning various company information.

Therefore, many companies have turned to games in the beginning of a meeting in order to break the ice and help everyone to be present at the meeting rather than thinking it is boring, the listeners are pleasantly surprised. Some ideas for your next meeting include:

  1. Have an exercise or something that everyone does in the beginning of the meeting where everyone is working together or in groups depending on how large of a group you have
  2. In addition, office meeting games or ways to help everyone relax, is to hold the meeting in a different location. Let's face it, when employees are in the same meeting room week after week, they become bored, by changing up the meeting place, you can help make the meeting more interesting
  3. Get people involved in the meeting, in other words, you don't want to just stand up and speak for a solid hour or more with no interaction from the group, rather, split the group up into smaller groups and give them easy but useful exercises to complete in order to make the meeting more enjoyable. Be creative with office meeting games, ideas are endless.

Some workplace communicators use games when doing a powerpoint presentation. The message being conveyed in the presentation can be reinforced with a game. There are power point presentation tips and ideas on the net for free animated powerpoint template, pps funny powerpoint ideas that can get you thinking creatively. You can get ideas from free power point downloads, free animation for powerpoint, powerpoint themes and adapt them for any type of presentation - from safety training powerpoint to management point power stress relievers. Make use of free microsoft powerpoint templates, free download of microsoft powerpoint if you do not have your own copy.

Main Idea Worksheets

Trying to Trigger Brainstorming in the Workplace? Create a Brainstorming Worksheet with Main Idea Worksheets.

Brainstorming is a creative thinking tool that can be very effective in the workplace. You can create a brainstorming worksheet and give out to each team member or team leader during brainstorming sessions to improve communication while sparking creativity.

Consider this possible outline for information to include on a brainstorming worksheet:

  1. Include questions. Ask questions related to the current problem or issue you are looking to address. Encourage team members to discuss the issue within the group and have each tea member write down their thoughts to individually identify their understanding of the current situation.

  2. Identify challenges. Include a section in the worksheet where team members can list out the possible challenges that exist to fixing the current issue. Then include an additional area for addressing one possible work around for each barrier. To effectively improve workplace communication, prompt teams to discuss each possible challenge and collectively work out a solution.

  3. Include an element of fun. Add quizzes, trivia, fun facts or other entertaining information related to your industry to the brainstorming worksheet. The most effective type of information will be information that can be solved, allowing team members to converse and share each other's knowledge. Put these into main idea worksheets.

Main Idea Activities

Top 3 Tips for Coming Up with Good Ideas for the Workplace!


Brainstorming is not a waste of time; in fact, research has shown that it can be a vital way of solving business problems and generating new ideas and approaches. Consider these 3 tips to increase workplace communication and come up with good ideas.

  1. Mix it up. Everyone who works at a business can generate new ideas. Instead of limiting brainstorming to each department or area of a business, create cross-functional teams. Each team can include a few individuals from each area of the business such as administrative, management and sales. The wide-range of skills and perspectives will help spark new ideas and give everyone a chance to be heard.

  2. Build team spirit. Employees succeed when they have a goal to reach for. Use games and team building activities to help groups learn to communicate and listen to everyone's ideas. Having competitions and prizes, will also help group unity as team strategize to beat their competition.

  3. Make the office more social. Don't limit brainstorming sessions to just a few hours a month. Rearrange the layout of the entire office from time to time to have team members sit together or allow short team meetings each week to spark new ideas and directions.

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