Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas

Monthly bulletin board ideas

With a little creative effort you can find lots of monthly bulletin board ideas monthly bulletin board ideas for Christmasthat can be used by teachers, HR officers or office managers. The bulletin board is more than a soft board to pin up famous cartoons or picture cut-outs. It is a respected space that needs to be enhanced with themes and regular up gradation. Recognition board ideas in a workplace involve appreciation of good work done in an organization.


Here are ideas for boards


Unlike before, today's bulletin boards are themed according to the prevalent month and approaching festivities. Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques on a bulletin board could include colors, textures, sounds, and fun details that will help in getting any message across. These are just a few of the ideas that you may want to consider using the next time you make a bulletin board.


Here are some suggestions:

  1. January bulletin board ideas: In the month of January, the bulletin board could flaunt some welcome back messages and individual and/or department-wise resolutions for the New Year.
  2. February notice boards: February bulletin board ideas can capitalize on Valentine's Day. Friendship messages with a colorful spray of ribbon against a white backdrop would look absolutely amazing.
  3. March: St. Patrick's Day celebrations could be spotlighted in this month. You could display articles and photographs on flower outlines that are painted in pretty hues.
  4. April: Easter bunnies and eggs should be predominantly a part of the April bulletin board. Colorful fruit cut-outs make great displays. You could also experiment with ribbon and paper flowers and flower pictures.
  5. May: With Mother's Day around the corner, the whole community could be integrated to reach out to those wonderful women we tend to forget amidst the drudgery of a hectic lifestyle.
  6. June: In June, the bulletin board could be given a Father's Day theme. The cut-outs could be designed to resemble the guiding hands of these wonderful patriarchs, to celebrate fatherhood.
  7. July boards: 4th of July celebrations could be adopted during the first fortnight of the month. The cut-outs could include melons, pumpkins and fruit baskets.
  8. August: In the month of August you could use workplace bulletin board ideas which could be developed to usher in change - change of term, class, department post-appraisal and even work-stations. And, what better place to announce a 'shift' than the bulletin board!
  9. September: The onset of fall gives you the best of orange and red to set the board aflame with a touch of creativity!
  10. October notice boards: Halloween makes the October bulletin board special. You could play around with costume themes and cut-outs and also include rubber spiders and skulls.
  11. November: The main November theme for the bulletin board could be shared between Thanksgiving, Harvest and Politics. The highlighting is to basically announce the approaching end to another year and a great chance for change.
  12. December: The exchanges of gifts make the bulletin board come alive while ushering the old year out and inviting in the new one. Once again, like in the month of January you could choose the snowflakes theme or spruce up the regular Christmas tree idea with real tree cut-outs and sprigs.

Stimulate visual interest with colors and designs. Use different colored papers, streamers, or even scrap-book accessories to help accomplish your goal of a visually exciting bulletin board.

The main thing to be kept in mind while creating communication board ideas is that it should have a focus.

It should maintain the interest of the readers by changing the things. One way to improvise the standard of the bulletin board is to accept criticism and be open to suggestions. These are just a few of the ideas that you can use to make a bulletin board that will capture the imagination and interest of your intended audience.

There are plenty of other creative ways of being able to enjoy a bulletin board:

1. St. Patrick's Day

Bring out the green. Put plastic gold coins up on the border with removable adhesive. On a green background add some rainbows, four-leaf clovers and other Irish items. Have an imitation rabbit foot or something else considered lucky hidden in the office and give a prize to the one that finds it. Title this one "The Luck of the Irish."

2. April Showers bring May flowers

For April, puddles, rainbows, rain, people in yellow raincoats and umbrellas make a great bulletin board. Since it is spring see if there are any charity walks that you could add information for. Title this one "April Showers." The border can be lightning bolts and clouds or blue and yellow crepe paper.

3. Mother's Day

All mothers new and old can put up their photos as well as their own mothers'. Decorate the edges with flowers. Title this one "Mom" or "Mother's Day." Put a nice light blue or soft pink background behind photos.

4. Father's day

Cut out fish, ducks and boats for the border. Next, put up photos of young and old fathers either from real photos, magazine cut outs or printed pictures. Cut out words for the background, such as: Poppa, Daddy, Grandpa, Father, etc. to place around the pictures.

5. Teamwork

This can have actual pictures of people from the office, or it can have positive words cut out that promote the idea of teamwork and free graphics from internet or from magazines that show teamwork desired in the office. Decorate the border with a hand shaking another person's hand as in a job well done. The title at the top can be "Teamwork".

6. Achievements

This board could be personal achievements or noted work achievements to give the co-worker a well-deserved pat on the back. Take a mug shot of each and put in a brief description of the achievement. Put cut-out medals with ribbons on the four corners of the board. Title the board at the top "Achievements."

7. Hobbies

Here we would surround people's photos with interesting hobbies, creative crafts, etc. Get a bag of small plastic cars and airplanes from the dollar store and paste them around the border with removable adhesive. For re-use any face shots taken could be filed in a plastic file box or craft box so that many people who don't really want their picture taken can know that it's a one-time thing. This would also entice camera shy people to go ahead and get their photo, knowing it won't be a repetitive thing. Beside the pictures, display little yellow bursts that name their hobbies like "doll collecting".

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