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Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques involve getting the staff to come up with creative ideas for the workplace bulletin board. It gives the employees a sense of camaraderie within the workplace.

May bulletin boards May bulletin boards with safety noticeswill definitely center around Mother's Day, and a pretty garden with cutout flowers could be arranged on the board. Pictures of everyone's moms or even just their names could be displayed amongst the flowers. The May Pole is also an idea for May bulletin boards. Bright colored streamers can be used around a picture of a pole to celebrate the merry month of May! Allow the staff to enjoy this merriment by letting them propose some creative workplace bulletin board ideas.

Business improvement

May is business improvement month. Use the boards to promote operational efficiency and encourage innovative thinking and solutions.

The Enkulu 100s accuracy campaign, encourages thinking for better, more efficient and accurate ways of doing things.

Get staff to come up with winning ideas. Encourage idea sharing on issues such as time and money saving methods, reduction of absenteeism and ways to optimise efficiency. Gear all input towards improving employee engagement and increasing revenue and bottom line profit.

Here, ticks in coloured blocks hang on string as part of the accuracy campaign logo. A Q&A booklet is promoted where staff can get questions answered. Rounded corners with a bright red speech bubble draw attention to the board.Promote workplace accuracy on your bulletin board

Memorial Day
Memorial Day Activities and Festivities

Memorial day why do we celebrate memorial, memorial day trivia, meaning of memorial day and when it is. The celebration of Memorial Day has been traditionally held on the last Monday of the month of May.

It was otherwise known as Decoration Day and is a day of remembering all the women and men who have fought and died in the service of the military for the United States. A lot of people troop to the cemeteries and memorial parks to commemorate the day and usually ushers in the beginning of summer.

One of the practices during the celebration is to fly the flag of the United States at half mast for the duration of early dawn until high noon. It has been the practice also of people to drop by cemeteries and memorial parks to offer prayers and honor everyone who has died especially those who have died while serving in the military. People who volunteer position the American flag on every grave of the military soldier and is also concelebrated with the birthday of American icon Jefferson Davis in the state of Mississippi.

But Memorial Day like previous Memorial Day celebrations, have waned as an occasion of remembrance and commemoration. This time, people have chosen to have get-togethers, gather for picnics, sports festivities and family reunions over the holiday weekend. This day also signals the start of the summer season and the start of a series of social functions and events. The color of clothing and even the shoes have been white during Memorial Day, and people have done this in observance of the occasion. However in recent times, people have tended to wear white the whole year.

Memorial day is a national holiday for the United States. All government offices, except those with essential functions, including offices, schools, and business organizations are closed. A lot of the mass transit systems have abbreviated operating schedules. A lot of people consider Memorial Day weekend as a chance for them to go on a brief vacation or go to relatives and friends for reunions. High volume of traffic usually occurs at the expressways and the airports.

As a background, Memorial Day started as an occasion to honor the soldiers of the Union who had laid their lives during the American Civil War. It took inspiration from the manner in which the citizens of the Southern states honored their dead. Immediately after World War I, the occasion was observed to include the observance and commemoration of all the dead in the military service from all the wars of the country.

Decoration Day was the original name used in observance of Memorial Day. It was after World War II that the phrase Memorial Day was used. Originally, the occasion was observed every May 30th, regardless of what day it fell during the year. The Uniform Holidays Bill was passed in 1968 with the aim of consolidating holidays with weekends, and in 1971, Memorial Day was declared to be observed every last Monday of May, to become congruent with the law on holiday weekends.

Patriotic quotes for memorial day sayings, memorial day prayers, memorial day poems stories, memorial day poppy poems, memorial day pictures and clip art are just some ways of remembering Memorial day .

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