March Bulletin Board



The March bulletin board within the workspace could celebrate the start of spring. Officially, spring only starts on the 20th of March. Celebrations for St Patrick's Day on March 17th could also be spotlighted. Spring bulletin board ideas could incorporate sprucing up the board with cutouts of the March Hare, swallows and robins to highlight the migratory birds and hibernating animals welcoming springtime.

Using pastel orange or bright yellow fabrics for the bulletin board background together with daffodils and tulips made from construction paper or card stock for the border will brighten up any workspace and put happy smiles on the faces of the staff.

Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques for putting a smile on the face of any employee can only make for a happy working environment, and the bulletin board is the perfect tool for achieving this. March bulletin board ideas can incorporate using greens on the background of the bulletin board with a cheeky leprechaun and plastic gold coin to celebrate St Patrick's Day.



Other tips and ideas for any time of the year could include:


1. Tattoo Day!

We are not saying that everyone should expose them, but share their "G rated" ones upon the board. If they have a tattoo, they can pin a photo of it up on the board, with a piece of colored construction paper sticking out from the edge of the photo. Write their first name only on the edge.

2. Poetry Day!

Have everyone write or type a poem and display it. Frame the pageMarch bulletin board backgrounds with flowers, vines, stars, etc. They shouldn't sign their names to it if they don't want to. The poems should probably run through the boss or his appointed person for scrutiny before posting to keep all comments clean for the board.

3. Top 10 Day!

Google top 10 lists and pin them up on the board, such as top 10 books, top ten songs, top 10 NFL teams, etc. Surround the edge of the board with the #10. Fill the border with cut outs made to look like records, books, NFL helmets and anything else that was chosen as the Top 10. A good background color for this one may be green. The title for the top of the board could read "Favorite Top 10's."

4. Cars Then and Now!

This would be where the board can be collaged with images of old cars, new cars, animated cars, toy cars from the newspaper, magazines, personal photos, etc. Put words like Chevy, Toyota, Ford, Dodge, etc. around the border. Next, put some categories like 1950's or 1980's to sort the cars under. Then for a big stand out, put the miles per gallon of gas and price per gallon during that time. Light blue, red or yellow would work well for the background. Put some yield and stop signs around the cars. Of course, a good title for the board would be "Cars Then and Now."

5. Here's to Your Health!

On a black background, put up pictures of different exercise machines. Add pictures of people running, jogging, doing marathons, Olympics, etc. to promote physical fitness in the office place. Do the border in black and white. The title can be "Here's to Your Health!"

6. The Food Cube!

On a Yellow background put up pictures of the healthy food groups, meats, dairy, veggies, and grains/lentils/cereals. Then also list non-hydrogenated, low trans-fat oils for the fat group such as olive oil. On the border the words: calories, fats, sugars, trans fats, sodium, etc. can be used. The title here can be "For Your Health."

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Bulletin boards in the workplace are still an effective form of communication.

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