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Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques via a bulletin board are always made a whole lot easier when there is something fun to celebrate. The October bulletin board will suddenly become very special. Make your displays come alive with rubber skulls and spiders. Halloween is certainly a time for holiday fun for adults as well. Halloween bulletin board ideas could also include wacky witches and ghastly ghosts along with some useful information, such as the date and time of the workplace Halloween party. Workplace bulletin board ideas for the staff could also include a list of some classic and timely costume suggestions together with corresponding pictures as inspiration for anyone who is stuck for a costume idea. Ribbon tendrils could look good hanging loosely on the sides of the board.


halloween bulletin boards with skull

Communication board ideas for Halloween should be all about fun!


Here are 10 simple ways to get more staff to read your bulletin boards and have fun at the same time!


1. Children

Halloween bulletin boards - Here the employees could show off photos of their children, graduates and grandchildren or great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

2. Motivation

Cut-out and show things to motivate the office. Put in family, dollar signs, fame, recognition, good causes, etc. Use colors like red and orange that are supposed to promote energy. Title the board Motivation and have the letters leaning as if they are ready to move.

3. Safety

You can put a countdown "300 days no accidents" and once January 1st comes you can start at 0 or continue the count up if there are no accidents. Maybe even offer an incentive if a certain # is reached, like a pizza day, etc. Put up pictures staged or drawn that show ways to prevent accidents, slips, falls and the like.

4. Have a Crazy Week

Make the board as colorful as possible and each day change the center to reflect the theme of the day. Monday could be Crazy Hair Day. The center of the board can be someone with their hair piled high and a bird's nest in it.

5. Tuesday is Crazy Colors Day (colors in hair and/or clothes are mismatched, etc.)

The center of the board can be a pair of mismatched socks.

6. Wednesday is Crazy Shoes Day (can you say thrift store or garage sale?)

The center can be a pair of very ugly shoes.

7. Thursday is Crazy Face Day

Everyone either clowns up their face or their make-up. The center of the board can be a funny face with too much make-up.

8. Friday is Country Bumpkin Day

Pull out the overalls, blue jeans, straw hats, bandannas and paint on some big freckles. The center of the board can be a scarecrow.

9. Halloween Day

For the main part of the board, put up a color to represent night time then put up cut-outs of bats, black cats, ghosts, R.I.P.s, etc. Next, post information on the dress code for Costume Day. Everyone can pitch in a 1.00 entry fee and the winner (best costume) gets the prize money. "Halloween" is the title of this one. Make the border look like black sticks (of paper) and then come back and put candy corns and jack-o-lanterns on top.

10. Patriot Day

Make a board that has reasons to be glad one is an American. Paste pictures of the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Lincoln Memorial, OKC bombing memorial, New York's 9-11, etc. Use red, white & blue crepe around the border. The title can be "Patriot Day 9-11" or something similar.

Fun Halloween Facts

6 Fun Halloween Facts - Halloween is not just for kids, adults of all ages in the workplace, enjoy having a day when they can be silly and even dress up for a day at the office. Many employees look forward to this time of year if you make it fun for the entire staff. You can make it is more fun by supplying fun facts about the holiday that many people are not aware of and probably would make it very interesting.

Some of these fun halloween facts include:

  1. Halloween dates back more than 2000 years ago and it was the Celts that first celebrated the holiday
  2. Trick or treating was a practice the Celts believed since they thought that no evil would befall their next crop if they handed out gifts to the ghosts that roamed the streets
  3. Ancient Celts were the first to begin wearing masks on Halloween, the reason they wore them was they hoped that the ghosts roaming would not be able to recognize them
  4. The biggest pumpkin ever grown was in Palestine, Illinois and it was roughly 1500 pounds, though some state it is was 1060 pounds
  5. Pumpkins are not fruits, they are vegetables and are in the squash family
  6. Pumpkins originated in Mexico some 9000 years old and one of the oldest vegetables in America

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