Good Campaign Slogans and Generating New Ideas

Good campaign slogans for any type of workplace campaign.

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Good Campaign Slogans and How to Create a Campaign


Trying to come up with good campaign slogans and ways to get the people within the company to respond in the manner you want them to can sometimes be as challenging as overcoming the obstacle you want to address to begin with. Click here for a list of the top 100 slogans.

Creative writing can help you ignite your employees and motivate them to receive the new message you are communicating. Good campaign slogans can help do this by creating interest and attracting attention.

Here are some examples of good campaign slogans - these will help you with generating new ideas of slogans of your own:

  1. When I was young in 1997
  2. A bitter pill to swallow
  3. A pic is worth 1000 words - list the words
  4. Add value every step of the way
  5. Ahead of schedule
  6. Backward £ as an f
  7. Bottle openers - open up a new world
  8. Breath of fresh air
  9. Clear your vision
  10. Cut a long story short - scissors
  11. Deceptively simple
  12. Different day
  13. Different day
  14. Dogs breakfast
  15. Don't fool yourself - it is size that counts
  16. Don't get your knickers in a knot
  17. Don't let the grass grow under your feet
  18. Engines of influence
  19. Expiry date
  20. Fast forward
  21. For a start - starting point imagery
  22. Fresh perspectives bread rolls - french loaf in brown packet with butter attached
  23. From whichever angle you look at it
  24. Get dealt an ace every time
  25. Go for growth
  26. Great expectations
  27. Have a stab at - knife
  28. Head above the rest
  29. Head start
  30. Heads and tails - win win
  31. Headway
  32. Hot air
  33. Hot and bothered
  34. Hot seat
  35. If the cap fits
  36. Integrated solutions and delivery
  37. Iron out
  38. Knock the socks off
  39. Life's filled with comprises, a disability product shouldn't be one
  40. Make great strides
  41. Make your presents felt
  42. Money doesn't grow on trees
  43. No strings attached
  44. Nothing's out of reach if you have the right tools
  45. On a shoe string
  46. Our favorite four letter word
  47. Pain in the neck - deep heat
  48. People with vision
  49. Pinch of salt
  50. Play on increasing value
  51. Pound for pound - give a pound note
  52. Pull out all stops
  53. Pull strings
  54. React quickly to changing market needs
  55. Real financial strength
  56. Roll the dice in your favor
  57. Safety in numbers
  58. Sense (cents) and sensibility
  59. Shaping your future
  60. Short and sweet
  61. Show and tell
  62. Solid, reliable, adaptable
  63. Some good cents can go a long way
  64. Some years back
  65. Spanner in the works
  66. Special edition
  67. Splash out - pool toys with descriptions
  68. Spoon feed
  69. Squarely
  70. Stack the deck in your favor
  71. Stand corrected - tippex
  72. Stand one's ground
  73. Standing the test of time
  74. Start the ball rolling
  75. Stats only tell you half the story
  76. Step in the right direction
  77. Stopwatch - in record time
  78. Story book format - many many years ago
  79. Strategic flexible solutions
  80. Strike while the iron is hot - give an iron
  81. Sum total - sum imagery
  82. Take the gamble out of
  83. Take you thru the paces
  84. Tear strips off your competitors
  85. The art of
  86. The bottom line
  87. The odds are in you favor
  88. The penny drops
  89. The power of
  90. The power of one/2
  91. There's a fine line between
  92. Things you can lose on a four walk mile - weight
  93. Tins and string for phones in a box
  94. To spell it out
  95. Unusual telephone with communication instruction manual
  96. We separate the cream from the milk
  97. We've gone to great lengths to ensure client satisfaction
  98. When push comes to shove ..
  99. When the wheels fall off
  100. Who dares wins
  101. Why a single client influences our infrastructure
  102. Winning combinations
  103. Worth one's salt
  104. Your satisfaction guarantees our success

Click here for a list of 100 more slogans.

Our words and good campaign slogans can have a powerful impact on people. This is especially try in business, the words you chose to use and the tone you have can really make or break a deal with customers and employees.

You don't want the sentiment of what you are trying to say to get lost in the verbiage you are using. Good campaign slogans can be used. Think about the employee manual... how much of that did you or anyone else in the company really retain? It is dry writing, written from a technical standpoint. It is a "just the facts ma'am," type of document. You have to engage people in the message or good campaign slogans and this is best done with creative writing.

The key is to look at your inside communication to employees the same as you would a marketing campaign to get new business. You want to provide the facts in an intriguing and engaging manner. Creative writing offers an acceptable way for you to use a different tone in your writing as well as metaphors, hyperboles and analogies to get your point across. In other words, your writing is nothing like the employee manual.

If you sat back and thought about it, there are hundreds of ways you can do this. Use hyperboles in your writing. A hyperbole is a figure of speech, so to speak, that is an exaggeration. Examples of hyperboles include, "The shot that was heard around the world," "The mile high ice cream cone," or "The greatest company in the world." While you are getting your point across that the shot was loud or deafening, the ice cream cone was big and you want to be a top notch company you are doing it through exaggerations... impossibilities so to speak. Good campaign slogans can include a hyperbole.

Let's say that you are looking to drive an initiative to improve funny campaign sloganscustomer feedback and ratings. You have looked through the surveys that your customers have sent in and you can see that they are not pleased with the turnaround time on inquiries or deliver of product.

You can start by creating an email or bulletin that will drive the point home that customers are not satisfied and that without the customers jobs are on the line. In the email you can tell your employees that poor response time to customer questions, complaints or concerns "will be the death of us all," is a hyperbole.

For good campaign slogans you can also use metaphors. You may be wondering what the difference is between a metaphor and an analogy. According to Sigmund Freud, "Analogies prove nothing, that is true but they can make one feel more at home." In other words, an analogy allows the reader or listener to make a connection that they can relate to. Whereas a metaphor draws a connection between two or more things that are seemingly unrelated have something in common.

When you are creating a campaign to illicit a change within your organization, don't look at the black and white of the situation only. Consider how marketing campaigns are used to get you to vote for a president, buy a certain brand of soda or use certain toothpaste. Then use those same tactics to excite and motivate the people in your company.

Good campaign slogans

Why do cake sales always make money? The answer is because they always sell delicious candy. Everybody loves candy and if you use some effective candy slogans as well as maybe giving out some candy, you could seriously generate some fantastic results. This applies to every aspect of your company and if you find some decent chocolate bar slogans you will be sure to grab everybody's attention.

There are literally some really sweet candy bar slogans for you to use to your advantage. If you pick the correct ones and use them correctly you could really achieve your goals. Everybody likes sweet stuff so it is the one thing that you can't go wrong with.

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