Funny Employee Awards for Employee Recognition

Over 30 funny employee awards examples and ideas. Great for employee recognition, employee retention, employee of the month programs and employee engagement campaigns.

Funny employee awards and employee recognition awards can be used on an employee recognition plaque and in campaigns.

Here are over 30 ideas:

  1. Sirius brightest star
  2. Egg on your face award
  3. Vega one of 10 brightest stars
  4. Bloody well done award bda
  5. Vbda very well done award
  6. Awards named after Zulu chiefs or Greek gods, Big 5, music, planets or mountains
  7. Asterix and Obelix
  8. Madam and eve award
  9. Trees baobab funny employee awards
  10. Funny awards
    Egg on your face award
  11. "Someday We'll Laugh About This" Week
  12. The For Pete's Sake award
  13. Significant achievement award
  14. Academy Awards
  15. Knight in shining armor award
  16. Going the extra mile award
  17. The let it go award
  18. Top ten achievement award
  19. Reach new heights award
  20. Proud to be geek of the week award
  21. One voice award
  22. Top dog trophy
  23. Breath of fresh air award
  24. The winning streak awardfunny employee awards
  25. Millionaire's club award
  26. Dare to dream achiever's award
  27. Laugh out loud award
  28. In the nick of time award
  29. Take the cake award
  30. Enthusiasm award
  31. The I made a difference award
  32. Newcomer achiever award
  33. The cutting edge diamond awardfunny employee awards

Create your own employee awards by using ideas from the list above.

Eyes on the Prize Video and Other Campaign and Contest Ideas

74 Pop Idol Contestants, Nobel Prize History and Other Great 74 Ideas for Campaign Contests

Eyes on the prize video, pop idol contestants, nobel prize history and other great ideas for campaign contests.

It is fantastic, the type of responses you may get if you involve a prize, contest or a fun campaign. Why don't you try some of these ideas as an encouragement and motivational campaign for you staff?

You could have a staff pop idols contest, photography contests, recipe contests, prize giveaways, cooking contests, singing contests, digital photo contests or even a creative writing contest. There are so many ideas and you could even get suggestions from your staff.

You could get some of your staff to participate as a fitness contestant, amazing race contestants, the biggest loser contestants, dancing with the stars, survivor contestants, eyes on the prize video, world idol contestants and even celebrity duets contestants.

Choose from the list below and do something out of the ordinary:


  1. eyes on the prize video
  2. pop idol contestantsEyes on the prize video
  3. 1981 academy award contestants
  4. photography contests
  5. recipe contests
  6. amazing race party ideas contest
  7. prizes giveaways
  8. americas got talent contestants
  9. cooking contests
  10. quiz contestants
  11. how do become contestant amazing
  12. pumpkin decorating contest
  13. fear factor contestant
  14. wheel of fortune contestant
  15. singing contests
  16. wedding contestsEyes on the prize video
  17. any dream will do contestant
  18. hot dog eating contest winner
  19. dog photo contests
  20. digital photo contests
  21. info about hot dog contest
  22. the apprentice contestants
  23. key contestants
  24. seinfeld trivia contests
  25. please submit category suggestions
  26. game show contestant search
  27. jeopardy contestant
  28. 2009 oscar contest
  29. creative writing contests
  30. gerber baby contest for staff members' babies
  31. fitness contestant
  32. thirteen contestants
  33. dog eat dog contestant marisa
  34. star search contestant
  35. celebrity duets contestants
  36. amazing race contestants
  37. business name suggestions
  38. contestant wheel of fortune
  39. egg drop contest
  40. free photography contests
  41. deal or no deal contestant
  42. beauty and the geek contestants
  43. writing contests for kids
  44. best body contest
  45. national karaoke contest
  46. the biggest loser contestants
  47. nickelback next contestant lyrics
  48. pumpkin decorating contest winners
  49. dancing with the stars contestants
  50. deal or no deal contestants
  51. food eating contest
  52. game show contestant applications
  53. best legs contest
  54. american idol past contestants
  55. survivor contestants
  56. furniture contests
  57. world idol contestants
  58. texas chili contest recipes
  59. coney island hot dog eating
  60. cute baby contests
  61. free contests to enter
  62. big brother 2 contestants
  63. wwe diva contestants
  64. flavor of love contestantsEyes on the prize video
  65. american idol 5 contestants
  66. last comic standing contestants
  67. nobel prize history
  68. another two random prize winners
  69. eyes on the prize summary
  70. earn points for prizes
  71. wheel of fortune prize puzzle
  72. door prize ideas
  73. prize winning chili recipe
  74. win prizes for playing games

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