Funny Campaign Slogans and How to Write a Campaign

Funny campaign slogans are a great tool for creating an interesting campaign. You could make funny campaign slogansuse of slogans that will create humour and fun, at the office. If you are able to make use of funny catch phrases, then you could get a very interactive fun campaign going. You could even try and find some funny bumper sticker slogans and use this in conjunction with work related themes.

In this section there are articles on:

These slogans which you may find may range from stupid slogans, funny campaign slogans, humorous slogans as well as witty slogans. If you make use of these funny campaign slogans in the correct manner, you could create some fun and exciting office activities which may promote teamwork and result in an overall better quality of work. Use funny campaign slogans, not so funny campaign slogans or serious slogans - whatever works best, as long as you get the message of the campaign across.

How to write a campaign for overall improvements at your workplace

Planning the campaign


Include the following steps in your action plan:

Structure the campaign as follows




Situation Analysis

Lessons Learned

Describe the context in which this campaign has been created. This sets the scene. It will include:




Make your objectives: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely (S.M.A.R.T) where possible.

Click on these links to help you get started: sample objectives, goal setting suggestions, difference between goals and objectives.


Target audience

Campaign branding click here for campaign branding tips and techniques

Campaign name


Here are some links to help you devise the campaign slogan. This includes funny campaign slogans:
funny campaign slogans
good campaign slogans

how to create slogans
top 100 slogans examples
stupid t shirt slogans

See campaign theme ideas eg eyes on the prize theme and amazing race party ideas checklist for more ideas on themes. If you are using humor, which works well in campaigns include funny campaign slogans.


Methods and activities









After the completion of each communications event, you need to get feedback on whether or not it was successful.
You need to implement a suite of feedback measures to gain feedback on the level of success of the event to determine whether the right information was distributed to the right people at the right time.

Click on these links for help with evaluation: different research methods, what is qualitative research definition target market.

Describe here each of the measures you will put in place to gather feedback on communications events you have scheduled. Some examples include:

How to write a campaign - guidelines

In this fast-paced business world, it is vital that you initiate a campaign that helps increase productivity, lower costs, helps in retention of your customers and employees, and improves all other factors connected to your workplace. There are several points to ponder in how to write a campaign that can be effectively implemented in your workplace. Funny campaign slogans can add humor for example.

For starters visit these links for valuable tips and techniques on campaign writing: Communication tools checklist, business communication articles, funny campaign slogans, how to write outline, examples of critical thinking.

By initiating a campaign at your workplace, you can help transform your scattered employees into a killer team that constantly keeps one eye on the larger picture, ie successful growth of the organization. Your campaign should be honest in its words and should motivate your employees to rise from the ranks of the ordinary so as to win the incentives that you dangle in that campaign. Most employees that might have participated in earlier campaigns at other establishments might not have faith in your campaign if they have not seen the desired results in the old ones. It is your duty to turn that mindset around and convince your employees that your written campaign will surely be translated into concrete action at the appropriate time without any excuses from your end.

When you know how to write a well written campaign it can be initiated through placards, letters or even e-mails. However, face-to-face meetings are necessary when you launch such a campaign so as to convince your employees about your serious intention of seeing it through. Suitable rewards or awards should be promised in writing along with the assurance of appropriate recognition to any employee that performs better than the best. All these factors will be required to spur your employees into action and only a well-presented campaign will be able to turn your well-written words into motion. Initiatives should be given to each of your departments be it your sales department to increase sales, your receivables department to increase collections, your house-cleaning department to increase efficiency while lowering costs, etc. You can also initiate a campaign to increase safety at your workplace and ask for your employees comments while stating that it is ultimately they that will benefit from such ideas.

How to write a campaign that is well-written and executed will increase the bond between your employees themselves while helping to build trust and respect towards you at the same time. The feedback and ideas received back will help you to gauge the mindset of your employees while also pointing out employees that have true potential, which might not have been noticed in the past. Certain innovative ideas might surface during the campaign that might truly revolutionize the way your organization works and might even have a huge and positive impact on your profits. All in all, a campaign initiated by you will anyway help everyone within the organization to perform as a team while also helping them to enjoy suitable recognition for their exceptional ideas.

A campaign hosted to make improvements in your workplace could throw up unlikely heroes, help improve communication levels, break down mental walls between various departments and employees, boost the morale of your employees, save money, earn more profits and make your workplace a safer and happier place. All these aspects should be enough to motivate you to launch such campaigns at regular intervals. You should keep the tone fun and informal while only stressing about the seriousness of each employee's participation in suggesting overall improvements at the workplace.

Other interesting campaign techniques

Subliminal messages used in campaigns

Visual examples of subliminal messages.

In workplace communication care must be taken to avoid sending a destructive subliminal message. A subliminal message is a message designed to affect the subconscious mind. It can be used in a negative or positive way to influence others thoughts, actions, beliefs, values or attitudes.

The conscious mind does not pick up on the underlying or hidden meaning of the message. This can lead to miscommunication, a feeling of manipulation and deceit between management and staff in the workplace. Some companies use subliminal messaging in their advertising to woo customers to buy into their product or service.

Some well-known examples of subliminal messages are black masking where are orated words recorded backwards onto a track designed to be played forwards, or when text that is flashed a high speed during a TV commercial. The latter is now banned in advertising.

Companies are not allowed to you are not allowed to flash images or text faster than they eye can see, or concealed play sounds due to the manipulative power of suggestion. Visual examples of subliminal messages include posters, postcards, packaging and electronic media where the graphics and wording give the consumer a false idea of what it is they are purchasing. Say for instance putting money on a product that people would not notice consciously unless they enhance the picture or play the message a slow speed.

The subconscious mind picks up on the money creating the illusion that the product offers the same value and feelings that the viewer associates with money. However, subliminal messages are used, once consciously picked up on, the customer or employee is likely to feel cheated resulting in a drop in revenue or productivity.

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