February Bulletin Board and Valentine's Day Ideas

The February bulletin board in the workplace can be all about pinks and reds because of Valentine's Day. It would be nice to use images and colors reflecting the holiday and to focus on a symbol such as the heart for decorating the February bulletin board. Bulletin board decorating ideas for February could include colorful sprays of ribbon set against a backdrop of white that will look absolutely amazing. Bulletin board themes for this month could also include friendship messages.

Creative Valentine Ideas And Unique Ideas For Valentines Day

Creative valentine ideas that include most unique mail order catalogs and holiday gift ideas for women and men. Ideal also for Admin Assistant Day.

Love is in the air...and love it or hate it, Valentine's DayFebruary bulletin board background example arrives once a year. Because so many people have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day, it is a good idea to find creative Valentines ideas that will cater to everyone in the office. Because some people are alone on Valentine's Day, the goal of an office Valentine Celebration is to make everyone feel like they are a part of the celebration even if they don't have a Valentine.

One of the easiest ways to come up with creative Valentine ideas is to have employees drop ideas into a suggestion box. Instead of just having a plain box, it would be fun to decorate a box or empty fish bowl with hearts and glitter to get everyone into the spirit of Valentine's Day.

After everyone has submitted ideas, the employees should be encouraged to vote for their favorite creative Valentine ideas. You can also find ideas and adapt them from some of the most unique mail order catalogs and holiday gift ideas for women and men. Similar ideas can also be used for Admin Assistant Day.

Hanging a heart shaped pinata filled with candy in a central part of the office in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day will get people excited for the upcoming holiday.

When Valentine's Day arrives, fill the pinata with candy and allow the employees take a swing at it. Just make sure that you don't try this near glass windows or tables!

Other creative valentine ideas
Another great way to get people into the spirit of the day would be to have the nine days of Valentine's day. This would be similar to having a Christmas advent calendar to countdown the days until the holiday arrives. Each day could have a special "gift" from the department supervisors such as "Everyone gets to leave an hour early" or "Everyone gets a longer lunch break".

One of the most creative Valentine ideas is having each department come up with different creative valentine ideasfoods that begin with the letters of the word V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E. Once the foods are narrowed down into the top 3, the departments could vote and decide which treats should be served at the office Valentine's Day party.

For instance, the party could include: Vegetable (fresh veggie tray), Apple pie, lasagna, egg rolls, nachos, tuna salad, ice cream, nuts (pecans, peanuts, cashews, almonds), eggs (deviled).

There are many possibilities, and the employees will have fun trying to think of creative Valentines Day ideas for the menu.

A creative Valentine Day costume party is a crowd-pleaser that will have the office buzzing with excitement in the days leading up to the holiday. People should be encouraged to dress up like hearts, cupids, etc.

There could also be a prize awarded to the best and most creative costumes. However, since many people will likely have to meet with clients throughout the course of the day, it is a good idea if employees bring regular work clothes to change into if necessary.

Although it would be fun for employees to have a Valentine's Day gift exchange, it would probably be a bad idea to have people who are married exchanging gifts with those who are unattached. It may subtly encourage office affairs and involve the company in unwanted scandal. Instead of having people exchange gifts with one another, have a "Valentine's Treasure Chest."

Employees can purchase 5 "gifts" from the dollar store, wrap them and add them to the treasure chest. Each office member should be allowed choose 5 gifts from the pool of presents, and once everyone has their gifts, they can open them and see what fun treasures they have. This approach will keep the gift giving fun and innocent.

Whatever creative Valentine ideas your office chooses, have fun with it, and don't try to be too elaborate. The main goal of the any idea is to strengthen the relationship between workers and encourage them to work together so reach resolutions.

A common misconception is that every issue that needs to be solved in an office environment has to be an actual problem. Even if it's something as simple as brainstorming about creative Valentine's Day ideas, every opportunity for employees to work together is a way to build strong working relationships and open up lines of communication between employees.

Employers who encourage different types of "team building" activities will notice that their office atmosphere will improve, and productivity will increase.

Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques that are used within the workplace are made a lot easier when everyone within the workplace can help with ideas for the bulletin board. The bulletin board is the perfect catalyst for letting everyone feel a part of the working atmosphere. February bulletin board ideas could also feature President's Day and Groundhog Day. February is also a special time of year as it heralds the conclusion of wintertime and the welcoming of spring. February is therefore an in between month for rejuvenation and special bonding.


There are plenty of other creative tips and ways for bulletin board displays that will grab attention at any time of the year:

Office Ergonomics

Any background color should work on this, such as a light purple. This would be a board filled with correct lifting figures and exercises to keep legs, back, arms, neck and hands from cramping, pinching and going numb due to repetitive motion and no rest or break. It sometimes leads to office conversation on whether or not the chairs, desks, keyboards and phones are ergonomic in one's office. For instance if your phones have headsets and you don't have to crick your neck on it to talk and multi- task, it is ergonomically correct. Border the board with phones, keyboards, office chairs and pc's. Let office employees know of some gentle exercise they can do to prevent injury and pain. Title this one "Good Ergonomics" or "Office Ergonomics".

Help for the Wise

You will be surprised how many people in the office will answer "never" to this next question, "how many times have you visited a nursing home?" Many seniors are put away in homes that are not as nice as the newer Senior Apartments and Assisted Living Centers. Also, many of the nursing home seniors do not get any visitors and most do not get regular visitors. It is hard to visit someone when you have to see them in the worst health of their lives, but they still need interaction. You could call a local nursing home and see what kind of things the senior citizens need. It could be as simple as a hairbrush or magazines. Many of them cannot get out and rely on what is brought in. Can you imagine how dark our world would be if we waited for everything to be brought to us? They may just like to hear a song or a joke or two. Post faces of senior citizens on the board and make up names and ages so as not to disrespect the people pictured and add a story to each; "Mary Jones, 87, widowed and has no family, she would like to see a friendly smile and just talk a little." This can help people get to thinking about things we just shut away. Another nice thing would be for the office to sponsor a nursing home for Christmas. Maybe you have some singers in the office that would like to put on a small choir show for them. It is way too easy to pretend that we don't know they hang outside the doors of their little rooms, many in wheelchairs, wanting compassion. Yes, even one time a year will make a difference. If anyone doesn't think so, make them watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" with Kathy Bates. We are usually the ones that will still benefit from their wisdom. You could make the border realistic with shut doors, wheelchairs and beds. Then title it something appropriate like "Helping the Wise."

Body Language

Any color would work here for the background. How many times have people been turned off by our body language that we don't even know we display? It would be nice to relate this to our co-workers so that they too can be more productive with each other and customers. Most will say crossing arms is a sign that you are no longer listening, so even if that isn't so, it would be best to avoid that position in mixed company. Then there is the smile when you are on the phone because the other person can tell if you are smiling or not. Things like this are important for people to know and pick up on. You could do the border in stick figures or outlines of bodies that are in different positions. For the center of the board have some non-camera shy people put themselves into negative positions and maybe ham it up with a sourpuss face and then put an after picture of them in a more positive position and happier face. Make the caption under each photo "Before" and "After". If you want to go into more detail you can say "crossed arms indicate distraction, daydreaming" and more specific things like this. It will take a little research, but the benefits are worth it. The title for this could be "What is Your Body Language Saying?"

Water on the Brain

You could use a light blue background. It is a known fact that water consumption for each person needs to be no less than ten eight ounce glasses per day. Many of us get that much liquid that is loaded with caffeine or sugar or both, but we are not getting the cleansing our body needs. The brain can get headaches, thinking can be more clouded and joints can be stiffer just by not getting enough water each day. It would be great to border this with water glasses, with each glass having a different amount of water in it. Then picture some parts of the body that it helps the most and the effects that the body produces if it doesn't get the right amount of water. This can be titled "Water on the Brain" or "Water Consumption & Body Effects". It is true that our water isn't 100%, but the other things we drink can be worse.

A History of Roses

Background colors such as light yellow, light pink or light green would work best here. Not only would it be interesting to post all the things roses are used for and how many they use in the Tournament of Roses Parade each year, but to pass on the traditional information about the colors and their meanings. You can find these lists at any florist, for example Red=Love, Yellow=True Friend, White=Purity and Remembrance, Pink=Admiration or Interest, Orange=Excitement and Romance, and Lavender=Love at First Site. There are even certain colors you are to wear on Mother's Day, depending on whether your mother has passed or is still alive. This would make not only an interesting board, but with facts posted under actual pictures of roses it would be beautiful. Here, the title that could be posted is "A History of Roses".

Gift Giving

Any colors will work for the background here, but you may want to divide the board into two sections and use two colors. Do you know someone that got something for their shower, birthday or Christmas and they couldn't wait to go in the long return lines and take it back? Well, this may not resolve that problem, but it couldn't hurt and it could be fun. Have everyone cut something out of a magazine that they would love to have as a gift. Then title the board "The Perfect Gift". Next, put two headings on the board, 1st reading "For Her:" and the other "For Him" or "What Gals Want:" and "What Guys Want:" Afterwards the pictures that were cut out can be added under the two headers. For the border one could use gift boxes and bows.

How To De-stress

Use a relaxing color like blue or purple for the background. This one will take some research, but we know some of the main ways to de-stress right away: yoga, exercise, walking, eating healthy, meditating, praying, staying low on caffeine and nicotine, etc. Post all these and some of your favorites around the board and then put appropriate pictures with them to display each word. I would include a picture of someone really unhappy and put a big sign over them on the left side of the board, such as "Stressed" and on the right side someone Happy with the sign "De-stressed." Around the border there could be candles, bubble baths, musical notes, etc. The main title can be posted at the top, "Tips to De-stress" or something of that nature.

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