Examples of Racial DiscriminExamples of Racial Discrimination ation in the Workplace

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Examples of racial discrimination in the workplace can be seen when people of a different color are treated differently to other people, based purely on the color of their skin. Racism has been in the workplace for many years, and should be eradicated.

Introduce a cross cultural communication awareness or behavior change campaign in areas where racism is evident.

Not only has technology changed within the workplace, but so have the laws. Cultural diversity is encouraged in all work places throughout the world. Any examples of racial discrimination within your company that you may have experienced need to be dealt witExamples of Racial Discrimination h extremely seriously.

Work place discrimination is not only inconsiderate but is also not tolerated. There is no point teaching employees to treat customers well if they don't treat people well in general. By role playing and showing examples of racial discrimination people gain a better understanding of what discrimination is.

There is no time in the modern working environment for any type of discrimination. Diversity in work place must be strongly encouraged.

The workplace is not an appropriate environment for this behavior. Employees should be trained to be professional, have a good work ethic and to treat everyone they come into contact with with respect. These are the things that will keep us in the best shape, and most of all ensure that we are as productive as possible.

There are many potential examples of racism in the workplace that we need to be aware of. One such example would be excluding someone from a work group simply because of their race. To get even more extreme, it could be excluding a worker from a promotion simply because you do not like the color of their skin.

Do not be mistaken, racial discrimination does not only happen from whites to blacks. It is possible for blacks to have the same attitude toward whites, and there are also many other races that can become involved.

Examples of Racial Discrimination

Goal setting suggestions and ways to decrease examples of racial discrimination in the workplace:

  1. Leave your differences at the door. Your work cannot dictate how you feel inside, but when you are entering a professional environment, you must treat everyone equally. If you are a manager, or even the business owner, you need to make all employees aware of appropriate and correct behavior.
  2. Hold meetings. Holding meetings can be incredibly important when it comes to making sure everyone is adhering to a certain set of rules. Things need to be talked out, and feelings need to be let out. But let them know that it should all be with the utmost amount of respect.
  3. Open door policy is key: Let your employees know that you are there for them, and if they feel as if they are being harassed, you will be there to listen. Being there for your employees will go a long way.
  4. Employ people of different races
  5. Set up a diversity committee who will provide support and guidance should racist incidents occur.
  6. Discuss color issues in meetings, address prejudice, barriers, attitudes and concerns. Educate on differences and how to accept people regardless of color.

Introduce a campaign to fight racism.


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Respect for cultural diversity is a means to preventing racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

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