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Knowing how to retain good employees is important in the workplace. Here are 22 employee retention tips and office morale boosters to engage with and retain valuable employees. A high staff turnover is highly disruptive and costly to business. Companies need to spend more on recruitment and training.

It is good practice for organizations to devise employee retention strategies, employee retention programs and employee retention plans. Online you can get employee retention tips and employee retention ideas, such as a ‘critical skills retention bonus'. This is a financial bonus paid to keep employees who have particulars skills and experience.

Staff can be graded at applicable levels and increase their salary by attaining the next grade. The benefits are tri-fold, the company increases its skills base, secures top professionals and enhances its business reputation. An effective employee orientation program together with a good employee feedback program is also helpful in outlining salaried employee rights, reducing misunderstandings, obtaining feedback and ultimately retaining employees.

According to Bob Nelson, an expert on employee retention tips, studies have shown that employees value feedback on their job and performance, as well as how the company is doing. Workplace communication that is personalized is more highly valued. A survey by Professional Secretaries International revealed that 30% of secretaries prefer a simple letter of appreciation instead of flowers or a lunch. Only 7% of respondents had ever received such a letter.

Below are tools and employee retention tips for communicating with staff:

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employee retention tips

Staff retention plan and unusual employee retention tips and ideas

Idea 1:
Add funny campaign slogans to add humor and increase interest in the campaign. Add a theme to the campaign eg valentine desktop themes, eyes on the prize video or something wacky like amazing race party ideas or April fool day prank ideas. The company vision and values, values morals and ethics and employee benefit schemes (see bellsouth employee benefits for examples) can be promoted in this way.

Idea 2:
Encourage staff to come up with good campaign slogans. Ask them to create a slogan that is relevant to the issue being promoted.employee retention tips Then choose a winner from the top 100 slogans. These can include stupid t shirt slogans, with the winning work slogans being printed.

Idea 3:
Write a letter or email thanking staff members for specific efforts and achievements.

Idea 4:
Send a copy to the CEO or senior management.

Idea 5:
Write congratulatory letter that will go into the employee's file.

Idea 6:
Nominate an outstanding employee as part of a CEO challenge to spend a day with or have lunch with the CEO. This is one of the employee retention tips that can be used in a drive to promote cross training of employees.

Idea 7:
Initiate a challenge to reach a certain goal (give staff an example of a strategic plan together with examples of critical thinking) - if the goal is attained a senior member of management will wash an employee's car. Staff can be provided with goal setting suggestions and should be aware of the difference between goals objectives.

Idea 8:
Special parking bay as a reward for extra effort.

Idea 9:
Ticket to a movie with a colleague during working hours as a thank you or acknowledgement.

Idea 10:
A suggestion is to use the camera as a competition prize as part of an employee feedback program. Different research methods can be used. Attach a short survey which could get staff feedback on the causes of employee turnover.

Idea 11:
The winner could be eg the 20th respondent, or could be chosen employee retention tipsbased on a draw.
Other message with the hats could be: "We are ahead of the rest" or "let's put our heads together" for teamwork.
These hats create a festive atmosphere and make an impact when worn by a department or whole company.

Idea 12:
Show staff how valuable they are to your organization
Educate staff on the direct impact they have on managing client perceptions, the customer experience and overall part they play in the company value system. Keep staff inspired and motivated. This can be done for example on admin assistants day.

Idea 13:
Communicate with employees. Follow the 90 day principle - that is to communicate with your staff in a novel way at least every 90 days. There are various types of workplace communication tools that can be used such as grapevine communication and many types of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication articles offer some excellent ideas and examples of non verbal communication.

Idea 14:
Devise weekly messages to be communicated in posters in lifts, whazup, hotflashes. To be supplied in pdf and jpg format.

Idea 15:
Employee feedback program and employee retention tips. Set up a bell in the call center or sales office - this will be rung when a target or milestone is reached, for example when surrenders in an insurance company have decreased, the client has been talked out of terminating or surrendering a policy.

Idea 16:
Communicate messages to staff via hotflashes from CEO when a milestone is reached.

Idea 17:
Gym sessions to motivate and build morale
Instructors could be called in to devise exercises that can be done at work stations. Includes brief neck massage. Sessions will take 5 minutes with three people at a session, three instructors will conduct the sessions. Massage therapy can be performed at the employee's workstation.

Idea 18:
Achievement wall at reception to communicate information.

Idea 19:
Suggestion box at reception encourage and reward feedback in all forms of communication, print and electronic.

Idea 20:
Inform staff and policyholders of media communication first in form of flash mailers, emails, posters and announcements.

Idea 21:
Advertise reward if employee suggestions make a real difference.

Idea 22:
Christmas and year end staff recognition and thank you notes:
Send a Christmas hat or select an idea from a unique christmas present ideas list with an attached card with your Christmas message, such as "we take our hats off to you this Christmas/season ... thanks for your hard work this year". This could be signed by management, a director, or the CEO. This makes a bright interesting lumpy package deskdrop. Staff can be given thank you note examples and employee retention tipsencouraged to write notes acknowledging colleagues. This could also be tied in with employee of the month programs, admin assistant day, women's day or bosses day or be done throughout the year. Tools can include employee recognition letters, printable reward charts and suggestion box ideas.

There are various employee retention tips, programs and employee retention strategies that are tried, tested and proven. We can devise a campaign suited to your specific needs.

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