Employee Recognition Programs

4 Important benefits of employee recognition programs


Employee recognition programs are an invaluable way to boost morale and motivation in any work environment. Employees appreciate being noticed for a job well done. When recognition programs are not in place, productivity can suffer.

Benefits of recognizing and showing appreciation to staff include:

  1. Boosting motivation and dedication of the employees causes a chain reaction in the company. For instance, if an employee is recognized for their efforts on a project, other employees are more likely to work harder because they see that the company appreciates its employees and notices what is done.
  2. Increased employee satisfaction and less turn over for the company reinforces an employee's focus and sense of gratitude for hard work.

By having incentives for employees you are not "bribing" staff to do their work but rather providing a reward of some kind for going the distance on a particular project. Unfortunately, many companies do not use employee recognition programs because they do not understand the benefits it can offer and the impact it has on the overall production as a company.

Getting Creative to Motivate Employees

It is important to be creative when it comes to employee recognition. It does not take a lot of money for you to simply recognize an employee who has done a good job or who has shown leadership skills.

Below are some simple, cost effective ways to recognize staff.

Why Employee Recognition Programs Work

It is a known fact that employee recognition raises morale and helps those who were awarded or recognized to continue working hard. It also inspires others around them to work harder as they see that the company does notice and that hard work is appreciated.

Recognizing employees even when you have to do so with less expensive awards is vital to show that you, as an employer truly care about your staff. It is human nature that a pat on the back or a kind and warm "thank you" is sometimes all it takes to keep your best employees motivated and to increase morale.

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National Hug Day
The Benefits of National Hug Day to Workplace Relations

National hug day, presidents day holiday, happy bosses day, celebrate labor day, bubble wrap day - these are just some of the special days celebrated in the workplace. Click on these links for more on special days such as memorial day and for strange unique gifts and giveaways.

National hug day... Looking to spread the joy of a good therapeutic hug? Though we don't often think of the office as an appropriate place for physical contact, hugging is a great way of providing support and encouragement. When done correctly, hugging can be beneficial to office moral, increasing employee confidence and creating a positive work environment. National Hug Day is the perfect time of the year to introduce hugging into an office. The annual event is celebrated every January 21 in the United States, Germany, Russia, Canada, China, Australia and other parts of the world.

The point of National Hug Day is to encourage non-sexual physical contact.

Getting everyone to step outside of their shells and spread some warmth and concern for their fellow man. In more formal workplaces, hugging may not be acceptable but the purpose of the holiday can still be shared. Memorabilia items that celebrate the holiday such as pins can be given out for staff to wear to turn the work day into a casual dress day. The event is also a chance to celebrate employee achievements, so throw an employee appreciation event for the staff and their families.

Get the point across that employee dedication is valuable eg on National Hug Day.


Here are some pamper and employee appreciation ideas to do just this:

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