Employee Health and Wellness Programs - Vital to Workplace Wellbeing

Employee Health and Wellness Programs have been proven to increase productivity, effectiveness and loyalty of employees.

One thing that successful businesses have in common is being committed to their employees. These businesses understand that the health and well being of employees is directly linked to how they perform on their job. Wellness programs such as weight loss programs and counseling make sure employees are in the best condition possible.

By putting in employee health and wellness programs to improve the psychological and physical health of workers, businesses can see improvement in key areas. They'll be able to attract qualified employees, retain the best employees, and open the lines of communication. Focusing on these programs has also resulted in lower loss time from injuries and rate of absentees.

Early efforts were made to create healthy workplaces focused on safety at the worksite and injury prevention for workers. centers disease control and preventionToday, employee health and wellness programs are designed to assist employees in choosing healthier lifestyles - from learning new skills, being physically active and quitting smoking. One example of a program is helping overweight employees. Assisting these employees resulted in productivity improvement and also cut down on health care costs for companies.

Businesses must take the initiative when putting these programs into place. It's important to create a campaign to raise awareness, offering educational sessions, and open programs to help employees improve their lives. In the case of weight management programs, some offices went as far as getting rid of junk food in the office, offering exercise equipment, and making exercise time mandatory.

While safety and lifestyle programs are two aspects that contribute to the health of employees, workplace wellness is more effective when a third factor is brought - the environment at work.

Increasingly, it is recognized that the workplace itself has a powerful effect on people's health. When people are satisfied with their job, they are more productive and tend to be healthier. When employees feel that the environment at work is negative, they feel stressed. Stress has a large impact on employee mental and physical health, and in turn, on productivity.

Companies must genuinely care about the well-being of their employees. They are the ones who can keep good workers by having leaders who understand the connection between employee satisfaction, health, and workplace performance. Their management practices should include making reasonable demands on time and energy, involving employees in decision making, rewarding work well done, openly communicating, and providing support to balance work and home life.

Employers know that workers are looking for jobs that pay well, have good benefits, are interesting, and include excellent health and safety programs. So in today's competitive hiring market, it's become more important than ever for companies to enhance job satisfaction and ensure that workers enjoy being on the job. The supervisor or manager must get to know workers personally, take responsibility for every action, focus on the development of people, and most of all provide leadership. These are the key things that employers should bear in mind as it's important to create a win-win relationship. Workplace wellness is a necessary business strategy that helps both employers and employees.

Good business management looks at an array of workplace issues from staff well being, staff meeting ideas, written example of employee evaluation, types of business organizational structures, the history of organizational development and the impact it can have on organizational change models. Business management organizational development should take the employee versus independent contractor into account understanding and managing organizational behavior.

Also see these links for more related information on employee health and wellness programs and an employee engagement model and other examples of human resources initiatives. Included in employee health and wellness programs are the involvement of centers disease control and prevention plus informative information on issues such as how weight loss such as 'lose 20 pounds a week' and 'lose 10 lbs a week' are unrealistic and can be harmful to a person's health.

Ideas for a employee health and wellness programs stress awareness seminar to reduce employee stress and show that you care

Seminar includes communication, consultation and arranging various events which assist in promoting stress awareness and how to deal with it.

Handling of stress
Games and events, designed to be as inclusive as possible.

Good way to get to know colleagues and to network away from work. The seminar involves a group of 30 people and run over two days.

Stress reduction strategies at work
Stress busters - reduce stress at work through easy organizing methods. Disorganization is a major contributor to stress as it literally shuts down a person's productivity.

Be prepared for those recurring tasks, such as committee meetings through setting up the relevant guides and templates, providing more security for miscellaneous sized notes and save a lot of time.

Take 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to reorganize your desktop an plan your next day. This routine can greatly reduce stress by saying focused on priorities an thereby provide you with a sense of control and help to leave the work at work.

De-clutter your desk, clutter is distracting. Use files especially a divider file. Complicated projects can be broken up into manageable pieces. Like your top ten projects. The divider files can have the relevant sections for the particular person (personalized).

Interruptions are a big drain on productivity. If your desk or cubicle leaves you exposed to foot traffic,colleagues may feel duty bound to say hello or to stop and chat for a moment. Get simple fun systems in place that will “signal” to by passers whether or not you are accessible or not. Something like providing the office with headsets to listen to a cd or radio which will also be a signal for not interrupting headsets on - do not disturb, headsets off - available for chats. This way employees can concentrate on the task at hand.

Paperclips and color coded stickers could be printed with the relevant info for your particular department and be branded with your company's corporate identity.

Elaborate on the TRAF paper management system: Trash it, Refer it, Act on it, or File it.
Get some famous people's quotes on how they relieve stress.
Get a comedian in for half an hour to make jokes about stress and the way it makes people behave.


Take a healthy approach to stress release with employee health and wellness programs
Get a dietitian to talk about foods and vitamins that reduces stress, increase seratonin levels and improve vitality. Also explaining what time of the day to eat and what size meals to stick by, that will keeps you mentally strong and helps with the combat of stress.
Get in a chef to cook easy destressing meals and even how to cook a lovely meal easy easy after a long day at work that is cost effective, healthy and take almost no effort.

Get a sport person to talk about the social centers disease control and preventionand physical benefits of choosing a sport and joining a club for a once a week work out while meeting new friends.

Get a homeopath in to talk and demonstrate the effect of smell on the nervous system and what herbs and herb infused oils to use and how.

Each attendee of the employee health and wellness programs will leave with a survival kit (printed bag - sponsored) with sponsored items in it - vital vitamins, magazine to read, bath oils, cookbook anything that can be sponsored.

Employee health and wellness programs - STRESS MANAGEMENT (One-Day Workshop)

  1. Defining stress: from Eustress to Dystress
  2. Why People Get Stressed?
  3. Implications of stress in the workplace
  4. Recognizing the symptoms
  5. Stress - elimination strategies
  6. Stress - reduction strategies at work
  7. Motivating employees in the workplace
  8. Where to get help?

Gym and fitness

Total Gym Workout Instruction and Employee Health and Wellness Programs


The benefits of employee health and wellness programs are huge. If employees are able to understand the meaning total gym workout instructionof fitness and the meaning of recreation, this may impact positively on their work performance.

There are many ideas available out there which may be used in order to improve the health and wellness of your staff. If your staff are healthy and happy, they will produce a higher standard of work. If employees are not healthy and are constantly getting sick and having problems, this will ultimately end up costing the company in productivity and revenues.

In order to promote a healthy lifestyle to employees, it may prove beneficial to let your employees know that total gym workout instructionthey have the company's support for self improvement. You could even help find some weight watchers meeting locations, alcoholic anonymous meetings as well as some alcoholic anonymous meetings online for your employees in order to show your support and encouragement. Workout instructions will help keep employees fit and healthy.

total gym workout instruction

Total Gym Workout Instruction

total gym workout instruction

Ceo Challenges

CEO Challenges such as a Fitness Challenge is designed to motivate employees in the workplace setting to have fun in a competitive, team building spirit. Challenges between departments -- which department has managed to get its work done, while doing social co-curricular activities unrelated to the company? This department is going to get a free dinner out, on the company.

The photographs of the department enjoying themselves can be used for subtle advertisement for the company itself as the best place to work for, if you are creative, hard-working, and enjoy living life emperor size. This is going to motivate your employees, in being an integral part of the company's eventual success! Try these innovative ideas out right away!

You as the CEO of a company are facing a lot of challenges, especially when you want your company to make a profit in this day and age of global recessions. However, farseeing CEOs can face these challenges in a really competitive, yet positively enthusiastic spirit.

The first problem of a CEO is managing his talent and acquisition of it. So, a number of CEOs can get together and have a competition of the best talent available in their employee rankings. The winner of the competition can definitely use this idea in marketing as "we have the best talent working for us!"

Motivation, leadership development and management -- CEOs can have a seminar, where they can talk about ideas unrelatedceo challenges to the company, generated by the employees. For example, employees of a particular company being motivated by themselves to start a plant a tree campaign, after buying land and naming it green city or something equally environmentally conscious, is a good way for people to get to know more about your company. CEO Challenges can also be used.

You can soon make a name for yourself as "a practice what you preach" organization. You might even want to adopt a cause or endangered species, and use that as an advertising campaign, to encourage environmental awareness.

Weight Loss

Calories Per Day to Lose Weight
Getting Into Shape - Employee Health Wellness Programs

Knowing how many calories per day to lose weight can be the start to a healthier lifestyle. There is so much information given to us on a daily basis eg 3 day 10lb diet, hug a vegetarian day, national donut day, American Heart Association 3 day diet, calories burned in a day. Advice differs from different groups and there are many theories of what works in terms of health and weight loss. Knowing how many calories per day to lose weight is one of the better ways of controlling what we eat in order to maintain a healthy weight.

How many calories per day to lose weight

Losing weight is not easy. It helps to know how many calories per day to lose weight. It takes burning an extra 3500 calories to lose just one pound (or 453g). That means to lose one pound in a week a person would need to either cut out 500 calories from their diet or exercise enough to burn off 500 calories in one day. That may not seem too tough, but losing 500 calories per day to lose weight is no easy task.

The easiest way to lose 500 calories a day is through a combination of diet and exercise. Most people would be surprised at how few calories the body actually burns during exercise. To lose 500 calories in one workout session requires a lot of work and dedication and is something your average person just can't do. It is far better to burn 250 calories through exercise and cut 250 calories from the diet to get the 500 calorie deficit each day.

Even with losing the 500 calories a day that still is only one pound lost a week. This may not be enough calories per day to lose weight if you are obese. For a person who is obese they have 50 or more pounds to lose. So many people fail because losing one pound a week is so difficult and so slow that they lose motivation. Knowing the calories per day to lose weight gives you an idea of what your weight situation is. Employers should step in and help them with motivation and help teach them ways to make weight loss easier.

Employers are starting to see how they play a vital role in their employees lives. Employers have stepped in to help with everything from smoking cessation to weight loss and even suggesting weight loss programs and how many calories per day to lose weight. Assisting employees and offering them advice and guidance on problems they have has a way of affecting the whole working environment.

Employees who are not struggling with personal issues just make better employees. Employees who are healthy make more productive employees. It is an area where employers should focus if they want to improve the work environment.

Employers have started to communicate the idea of helping employees with weight loss. We know that obesity is growing worldwide and that it is the cause for many health issues.

Obese workers take more sick days and they end up costing more money in health care than employees who are of a healthy weight. With this in mind employers should take the opportunity to communicate to employees about getting healthy and offer them some guidance on how to lose the excess weight.

The Cardiac Diet

A good option for employers to give to employees is the Cardiac Diet. This diet is great for those who want to lose weight, but also works for anyone just wanting to get healthier. The cardiac diet is based on a hospital diet that is given to patients who have a high risk for a heart attack.

This diet basically limits fat intake, encourages eating more fruits and vegetables and less animal products, increasing fiber intake and gets rid of harmful substances in the diet like caffeine. The diet is basically a healthy eating diet and is backed by the American Heart Association.

Healthy employees are happy employees. In all that an employer does for their employees, helping them get healthier is a major step towards improving employee relations and helping to create a solid work environment. Any employer who wants to build a stronger work force and improve employee morale should look into implementing a health program for its employees.

Hug a Vegetarian Day
Employee Health Wellness Programs

Hug a Vegetarian Day started as an internet holiday in 2006. About 36,176 people signed up for the day on Peta2 website that year and it has became a huge holiday ever since. This holiday is celebrated to appreciate the vegans and vegetarians around us and to create awareness about veganism and vegetarianism.

This year, Hug a Vegetarian Day falls on Friday, 24 September 2010. There are many ways to celebrate it at the workplace. Send mass emails to everyone early so that everyone will be aware of the holiday. Ask if anyone would like to order Hug a Vegetarian Day t-shirts and wear them to work on that day. It is not only a day about giving hugs to vegetarians, but also giving sincere hugs.

Organize a Hug a Vegetarian Day event at work and fill the event with various activities, such as taking hugging photos and posting them on the Peta2 website, handing out pamphlets on the benefits of being a vegetarian, and inviting a speaker from Peta to deliver a talk about veganism and vegetarianism. It would be a great idea to serve vegan or vegetarian food during the event, or be a vegan for the day.

Communication is also crucial. Ask if having lunch meetings at certain restaurants is alright with your vegetarian workers. It is also important to understand how strict their diet is, for example, vegetarians and vegans have very different diets. Some do not wear clothes and makeup made of animal produce. Therefore, it is important to respect them for their beliefs.

Not everyone would be comfortable to give up meat and live a vegan or vegetarian life. However, if one can understand the reasoning behind it, it will be easier to work with a vegan or vegetarian co-worker. Understanding, tolerance and sensitivity towards a worker's needs are important in maintaining a harmonious environment at work.


Behavior Modification Hypnosis
Organizational Behavior Article

Behavior modification hypnosis and behavior modification education in the workplace.

The work place has become the new home for millions of people in this modern time, as people tend to spend more time at their jobs than at home. As a result more and more people are now afflicted with a variety of work place related issues and illnesses. However, the main underlying cause of all these illnesses boils down to one basic problem - stress.

Work place stress is responsible for much of the emotional, physical and mental upheaval found in people's lives. It has caused people to develop heart issues, anxiety, depression, allergies, hypertension and even cancer. It weakens the immune system in the individual and manifests in the form of tension in the muscles and extreme tiredness. With time, these problems cause a lack of focus and concentration, appetite loss and mood swings which further worsen the problem.

Lack of communication and participation in decision-making also takes a toll on employee. Although many jobs give their employees numerous responsibilities, they do not give the power to change things or do things, because they are not given any rights or say in the decision making process.

All these issues have a direct impact on the employee and his performance as discovered by recent research and studies. As a result, more and more employers are now focusing on protecting their employees from stress by offering behavior modification hypnosis and other such therapies in the workplace. Increased communication in work the place also helps in alleviating these problems to quite an extent. Employees who are made to feel a part of the organization rather than just workers obviously perform better than those who are just "doing their job".

Behavior modification hypnosis or hypnotherapy has become a new and powerful tool for behavior modification in the work place. Hypnosis is nothing but a state of relaxation where the person is given suggestions that help in behavior modification. The main purpose of hypnotherapy is to cure various ailments of a person. It also helps in modifying and elimination negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behavior.

Most diseases are a result of negative thought patterns that have evolved over the years. Hypnotherapy helps in erasing these thought patterns, which in turn help in enhancing the employee performance at work. It helps people to understand and realize these negative thought patterns and become aware of them. Once the awareness sets in, the next step is to reinforce positive thoughts. Constant reinforcement of these positive thoughts and affirmations will lead to behavior modification and other positive changes in the employee.

The benefits of hypnotherapy and behavior modification do not only benefit the employee at their work place; they help in bringing an over all change in the life of the employee. For example, once the employee knows and understands the impact of stress in his life, work and relationships and how to deal with it, he will be able to handle all types of stress better.

Behavior modification hypnosis also helps employees to develop their emotional intelligence, to be able to handle life's every day issues related to the work place. Apart from the employees, these therapies are also beneficial to the organization as a whole. They help them to turn an unsatisfied worker into a happy employee and thus increase employee retention. It's also important to convey the importance of all these therapies to the employees through campaigns and other kinds of communication methods.

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Communication in an organization is essential for behavior modification and to create awareness on a variety of staff issues.quoted text