Employee Feedback Program to Increase Effectiveness

Use the guidelines in this written example of an employee evaluation
which includes employee feedback program information.

In stressful work environments, employees need to feel secure that if there is a problem, they will be able to communicate their concerns and reach a resolution. A good way to ease the minds of hard working employees is to develop an employee feedback program. This will make the corporation seem more caring and sensitive regarding the opinions of employees.

The best way to let employees know that they can offer feedback is to simply tell them. By informing workers that there is an employee feedback program, they will be assured that their concerns will be addressed.

One of the easiest ways to establish an employee feedback program is to set up an in-office email address. This would allow the staff to be able to email their ideas, suggestions and concerns as they come to mind. It is crucial that the emails are frequently read and addressed. The emails should probably not sit unread for longeemployee feedback programr than one week, otherwise, the system will become jammed and it will be next to impossible to address all of the concerns.

Although it is a rather old fashioned approach, having an employee feedback comment box is a very effective method. It is a good idea to place the comment box in a location in the office that is easy to access, but that also allows employees to feel as if they can leave comments anonymously if necessary.

Address more serious employee issues is to bring in an unbiased mediator to shine new light and bring a new perspective to the situation and hopefully prevent a crisis. Meeting with someone that isn't personally and emotionally connected to the situation will help to resolve any issues that arise help the involved parties feel at ease.

suggestion box ideasRegularly scheduled employee feedback meetings where employees can voice their concerns in a town hall type of setting will greatly improve the atmosphere at the office. Employees should be assured that they can be honest and they don't have to be afraid to voice their comments and concerns. These types of meetings should be scheduled on a regular basis, even if there don't seem to be any immediate concerns. It is also a good idea to give the employees surveys regarding their overall job satisfaction. Constantly communicating before problems arise can help to prevent issues.

Another type of effective employee communication tool is to establish an employee appreciation program to congratulate the workers on a job well done. Most people love hearing the phrase, "good job," and on the contrary, when a job well done goes seemingly unnoticed, it can be difficult to stay focused and want to continue doing excellent work. People love to have special recognition, and they love to know that they are appreciated. It would be great if other employees could "nominate" co-workers that they feel deserve the honor. This will help prevent "teacher's pet" syndrome because if the employees nominate each other, the decision makers won't be accused of playing favorites.
Employee retention tips can be helpful with employee behavior modification and employee recognition.

When office members realize that the employee feedback program is there for them, they will be more productive and have a better work ethic because they won't constantly be worrying about what will happen if problems arise in the workplace.

An employee feedback program is necessary to monitor the success of a communication program.

To achieve these objectives in today's demanding and dynamic marketing environment, measurement and accountability are imperative.

Every communication or PR campaign or program must have measurable objectives built into them. The communication goals must be tied in with the corporate objectives and should enhance organizational behavior.

Use various employee feedback tools to ascertain employee perceptions, feelings and reception of messages.

These include:

  • Measurement before, during and after a communication campaign
  • Monitoring internal and external messages to maintain consistency of brand and reputation
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual benchmarking of performance
  • Quantitative assessment as well as qualitative analysis.


All workplace communication activities must create revenue, achieve results for our clients and to contribute to the bottom line.

We believe in measurability of all campaigns. We select only the most suitable activities to meet business needs.

Our work is designed to enhance your brand equity and to lift your company out of the ordinary.

Salaried Employee Rights - Giving Employees Feedback

Salaried employee rights: A good employee feedback program and the use of employee retention tips and ideas should form part of a strategy to improve organizational behavior.

An employee feedback program allows employees to share their ideas, comments and concerns. It can be conducted during employment as well as during exit interviews. It is an effective tool for resolving problems and increasing productivity. It helps companies to get real feedback, opinions and valuable suggestions and ideas.

These programs incorporate employee satisfaction surveys and can be used to devise campaigns and ways of boosting employee motivation and morale. Just by listening and asking employees how they feel on various issues will make them feel valued, cared for and important. It is a great relationship builder and has been proven to make a difference to productivity and morale.

An employee feedback program can be done with the help of

They may be used as part of

They can also be used to track employee awarded program results and the impact they have made.

The information obtained may be included in an employee recognition certificate.

It is important to know how to respond to your employees when they provide their feedback. There is nothing worse than ignoring their comments and not doing anything about them. Giving a voice to employee concerns and encouraging employees to speak about issues will create goodwill. Management must be seen to be taking the program seriously and must follow through on their commitments to make changes where necessary.

Employee feedback linked to salaried employee rights can also be received via an anonymous employee tip line. An anonymous suggestion box could be placed in a prominent place where staff members can pop their suggestions in during the course of their working day.

Where staff have contact with customers, a mechanism can be put in place for customer feedback and suggestions pertaining to the staff they have dealt with.

Maximize the return on your investment in human capital through a six monthly or annual, measurable employee feedback program. These methods also apply for salaried exempt salaried employees.

Being informed of salaried employee rights in the workplace and the employee rights act can prevent problems before they occur.

Employees are typically classified as either salaried or hourly. This pertains to how the employee will be paid for their services. While there are benefits to being a salaried employee, there are also downfalls. In either situation, ensuring that the salaried employee rights are protected is of extreme importance. There are laws and guidelines that govern what an hourly employee will get paid for their hours worked in a week, there are not specific guidelines that outline what amount of hours a salaried employee will have to work to receive their pay.

Salaried employees receive a consistent compensation, not matter how many hours they work in a week or in a pay period. If they work well over forty hours in a week, they will only get paid for the salaried amount for the week. While it does not seem to be a fair equation for a salaried employee, it is a reality for many people across the world.

One difference in the structure of the salaried employee rights compared to the hourly employee is the paid leave for FMLA. Salaried employees that need to take time off under the regulation of FMLA should be paid for their time off as long as they have worked at least two thousand fifty hours for the company or have worked for the company for longer than twelve months. The employer must also have at least fifty employees in order for the paid leave to be effective. This is a great benefit for salaried employees. If a family emergency comes up or if there is a medical condition that requires them to be off, FMLA will be there to help.

The scheduled pay for a salaried employee is another right that they have. Being a salaried employee provides you with the benefit of knowing specifically what your pay will be each pay day. The agreed yearly salary amount is divided equally among each of the pay periods in a year. This is what the salaried employee will receive on each payday.

Some of the other areas that are a concern with a salaried position involve pay for overtime, disability issues, discrimination issues, and safety in the workplace. There are specific differences in the rights of an hourly employee versus the rights of salaried employees. It is a good idea to research what specific state regulations there are in the area that you live prior to agreeing to a salaried position in a company. You need to weigh out the pros and the cons and decide if the pay rate is acceptable for you.

If you will be expected to work well over a normal work week of forty hours then you need to make sure that your pay will make up for the overtime pay that you will be losing. Salaried employees must work the hours that are required by their employer and, in most cases, not receive any extra compensation. The employee must decide if they are willing to do the work for the amount of pay they will receive.

Salaried employee rights are there to protect the people in these positions. It is important to know the rights and to speak up if they are violated. Employers typically work within the rights but there are times that these rights are violated and it should not be ignored.

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