Definition of Organizational Behavior

What is the Definition of Organizational Behavior?

Organizational behavior includes a very wide selection of topics. It deals with human behavior in the organization. This includes the study of people and how they behave within the organization. Topics such as change, leadership, teams and behavior are just a few. It is a systematic study of the behavior of individuals and groups within an organization.

Definition of organizational behavior: It deals with all aspects of human behavior that occur within the context of an organization. It entails the study of how individuals behave as individuals and in groups within an organization.

The definition of organizational behavior also states that it is the study and application of sociology, psychology, communication and management of the individuals in an organization.

Organizational behavior and employee behavior modification encompasses four models that most organizations work out of.

  1. Custodial is based on the economic resources with orientation of money. All employees are aimed at security, benefits and dependency upon the organization. Passive cooperation is the intended result.
  2. Supportive models are based upon leadership with orientation towards management of support. Status and employee recognition are the basic needs that are met with the supportive model.
  3. Autocratic model is power. It is a managerial orientation of authority. This tends to have the employee lean towards dependence on the manager and obedience. The result of this model is minimal. The need that is met is subsistence.
  4. Collegial modes is partnership with the orientation towards teamwork. Self-discipline and behavior are the goals of this type of model. It will usually result in some moderate enthusiasm.

It is unlikely that any organization will operate entirely in just one of these models. In most cases there is a predominant model with some areas over-lapping. Some of these contexts are public and mass communication, two person and small group communication. The needs of the company will usually determine the model they choose to use. See employee retention tips.

By applying the psychological principles of experimental analysis behavior and applied behavior analysis to organizations, it is hoped to achieve worker benefits and safety and employee retention.

Some areas of this application include management, training, systems analysis and performance improvement. The goal is to establish broad scale performance improvement and organizational change in order to increase productivity and contentment which hopefully will gain a more effective and efficient operation.

Performance management and behavioral systems management are two of the technologies used in organizational behavioral management. Behavior based safety is also used. With the nature of the field involved in business it is related to both industrial engineering and psychology.

Organizational communication

There is an overlap between organizational communication and other contexts such as two person, small group, public and mass communication. All of these four types of communication are used in communication within an organization. Click on these links for more information related to the definition of organizational behavior:


Management of organizational behavior


There are many interesting organizational behavior books that give detailed information on this topic. They give detailed research on concepts of organizational behavior, models of organizational behavior, organizational behavior theory, organizational behavior terminology and concepts, organizational behavior trends.

The essentials of organizational behavior are outlined in various articles on organizational behavior. Each organizational behavior article offers different ideas and techniques that can be used.

Organizational behavior studies use the study of organizations from various viewpoints, levels and methods of analysis. Individual and group dynamics are taken into consideration to obtain adequate analysis of conditions within the corporation.

Achieving a smooth, well oiled organization may well be achieved by a thorough study of the organizational behavior. It can assist management in the fine tuning job performance on an individual or team level. Without a knowledge of the high points and shortcomings of an organization it is extremely difficult to make change.

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Organizational behavior entails all aspects of human behavior in an organization.quoted text