Definition of Communication and Ways to Improve Staff


Understanding Effective Types of Workplace Communication

Definition of communication: Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information and the sharing of ideas or feelings. It entails the process of creating meaning.

In short communication includes all the processes by which people influence one another. All actions and events communicate messages as soon as they are perceived by a human being. The perception 'changes' the information in terms of the individual's comprehension thereby influencing him/her. This can be included in the definition of communication.

Messages are generated by an external source such as by a speaker, a newspaper, a television, a manager. But meaning is generated from within the individual.


Communication is seen in three variations:

In order to keep a business operating well, it is essential to communicate effectively with employees. Employees need to be kept up to date with all aspects of the operation of the company. This includes communicating thoughts, feelings, and anything new that will be taking place, or that needs to take place.


Important elements that all forms of employee communication should have include:

Be clear: To get your employees to respond to your message, you need to ensure that they can understand what it is that you are saying. They forms of communications must be easy to comprehend. By being crystal clear about what it is that you are trying to communicate, you will reduce the misunderstanding that can occur due to personal interpretation.

Be concise: Keep your communication on target, to the point and as brief as possible.

Be respectful: There are many ways that you can show your employees that you respect them. Being concise is one way to show employees that you aren't so self important and that you value their time. Communicate in language that employees understand. On the other hand, don't insult their intelligence by talking down to them. Never word your communication to them in a way that makes them feel inferior.

Use encouragement: Take the time to acknowledge employees for their contributions.

Leadership styles and communication


When dealing with communication in an organization transformational and transactional leadership styles can be seen. It depends on the business communication methods and models of organizational behavior styles used by the specific organization.


What is transformational leadership?
Transformational leadership uses communication to bring about a positive, beneficial change in its followers. The transformational leadership style transforms its followers by working together, helping and encouraging each other. A congruous, coordinated group results, which has a positive effect and benefit for the entire organization. Transformational leaders increase the morale, motivation and performance of the individuals within the group and the group as a whole.

The transformational leadership theory encourages transformational thinking through transformational training and transformational coaching.

Transactional leadership
Transactional leaders focus on getting tasks done and positive worker relationships in exchange for desirable rewards. Transactional leadership may encourage the leader to adapt their style and behavior to meet the perceived expectations of the followers. This style uses rewards, such as wages or status to motivate employees to achieve the end result or target.

Training is available on both transactional and transformational leadership.

Both styles are used in different ways in employee engagement models and play an important role in change management in organizations. Many types of communication techniques such as viral marketing examples, verbal and non verbal communication, grapevine communication and general workplace communication methods can be used.

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Definition of communication: Communication is a process of transferring information from one person or group to another.

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