Creative Bulletin Boards


creative bulletin boards to use to communicate messages

A great bulletin board should include quality graphics and concise text to attract the attention in the workspace. Use decorative elements, posters and flyers that will appeal to everyone and could be a form of workplace communication tools, methods and techniques in getting staff members to get together and have fun with creating a board. Creative bulletin boards decorating ideas such as photos and clip art can be found free online. Bulletin board themes that have had a lot of creativity put into them should not only help in attracting curiosity but should actually demand the attention of every single person within the workspace.

Types of creative bulletin boards:
Fabric covered bulletin boards
White boards
Green boards
Interactive bulletin boards
Live versions of roving notice boards
Mobile notice boards

Understanding the Purpose of Bulletin Boards:Did you possibly believe that bulletin boards had no real mission? Did you feel that it really did not matter what you did with that bulletin board assignment?

Here is a list of the main purposes for which bulletin boards are designed and used:
Attract attention!
Create interest!
Inspire the audience!

The use of bulletin boards is an important tool that will come in handy whenever you need to:
Acknowledge staff achievements
Train and educate workers or students
Promote a cohesive and safe work environment
Encourage participation in projects or special events
Highlight holidays

Bulletin boards can play a role in:
Employee retention rates
Engaging interest of staff members
Employee recognition

Placement of Bulletin Boards:
One of the key factors in creating bulletin boards that is successful is figuring out how to display these message boards to their full advantage. Think outside the box and do not be afraid to use a little drama if needed. Be creative in your ideas about how and where to use the boards. Consider placing your bulletin board in an unusual location so that it captures the interest of the audience and generates a buzz of excitement.

What to Include on Bulletin Boards

Information in books could inspire you with hundreds of dazzling ideas. Many of these suggestions will offer new and unique ways to ‘pump life' into even the most routine messages that are scheduled for placement on office and school bulletin boards.

Naturally, you can get the ball rolling with the use of a few of the top tips and ideas. You will even discover suggestions that can help you find exactly the content that you need to get your messages across to the viewers.

In addition to content books could also include a variety of tips that can help you create a layout that grabs the attention of the audience and rivets them to the spot. No more worrying that people are going to bypass your bulletin board, because ideas are designed to help you create ‘superstar' bulletin boards that refuse to be ignored.

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Bulletin boards in the workplace are still an effective form of communication.

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