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The Important of Creating a Winning Slogan

Create a slogan for branding your company or products. Creating a name or catchy phrase that will stick in consumers' minds will not only help in generating new business, but when word of mouth is spread a catchy slogan will make your easy to remember. See examples of business logos, as part of a company's branding. Generating new ideas and how to create a campaign offer ideas for campaigns and good campaign slogans.

The following offer ideas that can be adapted to your own campaign to help you create a slogan: top 100 slogans, stupid t shirt slogans, work slogans, teamwork slogans, famous advertising slogans, earth day slogans and fire prevention slogans.

Not every small business can afford to have a brand created for them, so many business owners create a slogan themselves. There are a few steps to take that will make your slogan as effective as possible.

Your slogan must do more than simply restate the name of your business. You want to consider your product, your target audience, how you market your product, and make it a cohesive label. This will give consumers an idea of your company's goals in a few short words.

If you are new to advertising language, pay careful attention to other businesses. Watch how other companies employ slogans, and ask yourself how it feels to read it. Shopping for slogan ideas within your industry is a great start, but don't limit yourself to that.

Once you know what you want your slogan to say, test out the wording and then create a slogan that works.

There are power words that will pack a lot of punch in a small phrase. Incorporate these into several options for review, and test them out on friends and family.

Ideas for a good slogan include using a play on words with your name to create a slogan. Using a "moniker" (assigning a title related to your subject), or taking a spin on what your company does. Any of these can be a good springboard for coming up with ideas, and even if they don't work they may lead to others. .

Asking for outside opinions will provide valuable feedback. Write down any creative ideas you hear, and consider adding or modifying it to fit your business.

Once you have a list of options for slogans, list them in order of preference. You don't want to duplicate someone else's slogan, so do your research to make sure that your branding strategy is unique and that you are not stealing someone else's marketing plan.

While having a good slogan is an essential part of marketing, remember that no string of words can generate business on its own. You must have a full blown marketing plan to reach the largest clientele. With a full blown marketing strategy, a good slogan will help increase business.


Create a slogan that is less than five words if possible. This will make it easy to apply to your website, paper and print items and any other materials.

With a little thought and effort you will start to see results from your efforts, and hopefully your business will soar!

Have a look at the beer slogan article below for ideas on how beer companies think in terms of slogans.


Budweiser Slogan and Beer Commercial Slogans

Spirit slogans, drinking slogans and alcohol slogans.
The Budweiser slogan





The Budweiser slogan - "That frosty mug sensation” and "King of Beers" - is just one example of how a slogan can paint a picture and help promote a product.

That frosty mug sensation is one of those famous slogans that conjure up a big mug of beer on a hot day - a slogan that beer drinkers love.

There are some wonderful beer slogans, spirit slogans and drinking slogans that immediately bring images of those products to mind. You can use slogans in your workplace communication campaign to create the same effect in your staff's mind. A slogan helps you draw attention to the message of the campaign.

Think about the many beer commercial slogans that you have seenThe Budweiser slogan throughout the course of your lifetime. The top 100 slogan list will give you lots of examples. There are also some very clever drunk driving slogans, which are geared towards educating people on the importance on not driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol slogans and drinking slogans such as the Budweiser slogan are a great example of how slogans capture the attention of the alcohol company's target market.

Alcoholics anonymous slogans has used some powerful slogans that are designed to keep members motivated and on track. By memorizing the AA slogans the idea is that it will encourage them when tempted.

Some examples are of Alcoholics Anonymous slogans

Beer slogan

See ways to create slogans which will help with generating new ideas.

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