Corporate Social Responsibility Theory


Engaging Employees in Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility deals with the theory that organizations and their employees should partake in activities and initiatives that benefit society at large. Corporations that engage in social responsibility (CSR) often have employees who are motivated and more likely to be productive. In addition, when a company has a commitment toward social responsibility, it resonates with the employees, who also take on a more positive role when it comes to individual and organizational responsibility.

What is social responsibility?

Before knowing how you can get employees more involved in social responsibility, it is important to establish the meaning of corporate responsibility and how it can involve employees.

Your business should have a cause or various causes that you sponsor or are passionate about. For instance, if you are concerned about the plight of the famished or homeless, you can have proceeds or host drives that bring in money for these people and get your employees involved in the entire process. Business ethics and social responsibilities should go hand in hand.

It is important to make an employee engage in corporate social responsibility from the very beginning so that he/she can be a part of something that is helping the community or world. If you are starting a new charitable drive, get your employees involved by helping them with start-up causes. You should have a clear goal as to what you, as a company, want to achieve for the charitable organization you are supporting and what will make it successful. Get ideas from your employees on how to measure success, which can prove extremely beneficial to both sides, and make some fun employee recognition ideas to thank your employees for their support.

How to engage employees in corporate social responsibility campaigns

One way to make an employee engage in a volunteer program is to seek the help of business management organizational development consulting services. Organizational development is all about improving the environment of the organization, and these consultants can give a lot of insight into fulfilling your corporate social responsibilities and getting your employees engaged in them as well. Here is a look at some other ways to create corporate social responsibility campaigns that your employees can participate in:

Choose the right arena

Your employees will not be interested in any outdoor volunteering work if they do not like it even if you are interested in the cause. Make sure that you choose a cause that is interesting to your employees and also to your organization. It can be challenging, but it is the first step to employee engagement in corporate causes. You can find out the interests of your employees by asking for their contribution. Just make sure there is a reward in the form of fun employee recognition ideas or an employee recognition presentation.

Set the right degree of involvement

Even though you are looking to give something back to society, you are an organization at the end of the day. You may get too involved in social responsibility as it demands time, money, and effort, but so does running a business. You must decide how much time you and your employees can spend on these charitable activities while still giving your employees a feeling of having done something good for society.

Organize well

The next step to optimizing employee engagement in these voluntary events is to organize everything right. Get someone who is really enthusiastic about the event to spearhead it among your employees. If you are working along with an NGO, get someone from there to talk to your employees about it. Ask your employees to strategize and come up with plans. It does not have to be a full-time commitment from your employees. Reward employees who are the most active with fun employee recognition ideas or an employee recognition presentation.

Why is employee involvement so important?

When a corporation is involved in helping one or more organizations, it helps your employees respect the company and be more satisfied with their jobs. Moreover, by allowing employees to engage in corporate social responsibility, you give them a chance to help others in a way they otherwise couldn’t had they attempted it on their own. Employees like to feel they are associated with a company that is making a difference to the community or world. They feel proud to tell others where they work and the various drives the company is involved in.

Moreover, it is important to not just decide to donate a specific amount of money or other products for charity and tell your employees about it after it is all done. By not getting your employees involved, they do not have a chance to feel they are a part of the process, and therefore, they will feel less motivated to work for the company.

There are many reasons as to why it is vital to include your employees in social responsibility, and doing so will help you retain employees who are satisfied and dedicated toward the company.


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