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A professional looking bulletin board can be created in the workspace by using bulletin board trim, borders, cut-out letters and posters without too much money involved but a whole lot of creativity! Bulletin board decorating ideas could include trimmings such as felt or fabric cut-outs, garment buttons, tape measure, sequins, tassels, wide ribbon, woven trim, braid or lace. Unusual and odd trim could include cereal packages, CD disks, popsicle sticks, paper plates, muffin cups, tissue paper and even Monopoly money to create some border options.

As part of workplace communication tools, methods and techniques within the workspace, a bulletin board is a perfect tool for getting everyone involved in thinking up of some creative ideas for bulletin board themes.

Workplace bulletin board ideas always flow more smoothly when everyone feels part of a team.

Here are some great ideas for the use of a bulletin board:

  1. Organizing events - When organizing events on a large scale you have to get the help of the employees. Under such times have a separate bulletin board prepared just for the event. Give a daily update on what is done and what needs to be done. This helps staff contribute based on your needs of the day.
  2. Fund raising - If your office is going to be raising funds for a good cause like education, before you go to the asking money part, try to explain the need and the reason why the company is interested in the campaign. Keep giving out some news appropriately and then finally go for the collecting money part. This will get better response.
  3. Books - At least twice a month suggest good books on the bulletin board. Book reading is a good way of acquiring knowledge and building character. Suggest some good technology books or go for motivation books as per your company's needs. Also if possible, keep a small library within the premises of the company, use bulletin board trim to decorate.
  4. Placing the board - The major idea of a bulletin board is to attract attention. You cannot achieve this by putting it into a corner where no one goes. Also, the fun bulletin has to be near the cafeteria, team news near every team and motivating ones plus office policies etc where everyone can see it every day.

    teacher bulletin board for students
  5. Show patriotism - If Independence Day is going to be coming up real soon, this is your chance to brush up everyone's memory related to the country's history. Let them get to know important government office holders and give them patriotic messages.
  6. Collage - Rather than using ready made available things to paste on the bulletin board you can create stuff on your own from paper clippings, sponges and card board. To make others participate have a prize given away once a week to bring out the innovative ideas of the staff in a fun filled activity way.
  7. Nature theme bulletin board trim - You can bring about an awareness concerning the environment, which is the need of the day. Our earth has to be protected from the depletion process going on now. If we keep depleting it we will leave nothing to our kids. So, take this up and talk about deforestation and how its ill effects can be neutralized.
  8. Children's day at the office - Every office has a day in a year where the staff can bring their child to work and show them what they do and work at the whole day. Organize drawing and painting events with a theme and try to put all works of children as space accommodates on the bulletin boards. This is a great motivation for the kids.
  9. Canteen specials - In the cafeteria, you can put up a bulletin board to let the staff know about the day's specials. A picture to go with the menu can bring out an added effect. This makes the employees feel good and satisfied. Food is very important as it is what gives us all the energy to work hard.
  10. Ideas to conserve gas bulletin board trim - This helps not only in cutting down the travel cost of each staff, but also helps bring down the exhaust gases level in the atmosphere which is burning holes into the protective ozone layer. Carpooling or arranging company vans with the schedules put on the notice board will be a great way to show the company cares about the environment.
  11. Clothes give away - Everyone is bound to have lots of used stuff which they might want to give away for a useful cause. You can help with this. Choose a service organization which you would like to help and bring ideas on what everyone can give to make the campaign a success. Used clothes, shoes and toys can be a great way to make sure old stuff is put to good use.
  12. Colored boards - There are many custom made bulletin boards supplied by companies. These bulletin boards have a professional look and are very attractive. As it is only a one time investment, you can go for it. Many board making companies have special discounts for bulk orders.
  13. Brighten up the workplace bulletin board trim- There is a lot of difference a simple bulletin board can bring about in the workplace. A bright and cheerful one can bring about a healthy and energetic atmosphere. So, make even the dullest bulletin board look good using papers which are brightly colored and use your best innovational ideas.
  14. Brain teaser workouts - To get one and all to don their thinking hats, there is no better way than the short brain teasers sessions. They can help employees feel good once they know the answers and also it can bring about learning if in case they do not know the correct answer. Make sure you put up brain teasers which take less than five minutes to solve.
  15. Say thanks here - Showing appreciation can bring out a positive workplace attitude. Appreciation amongst the employees can be shown using the bulletin board. Thank you cards can be placed, which anyone wanting to show their appreciation to their colleague can fill in and pin up. This brings a helpful atmosphere at the workplace.
  16. Post important deadlines bulletin board trim - Have this bulletin board placed near a team involved in a particular project. List a general reminder of what needs to be done in the project the team is working on. Also give them the important deadlines they must meet. Posting information related to the project as a gentle reminder speeds up the work.
  17. Leave announcements - Have a place where even a small board will do for this, where the employees can post that they are taking leave in advance. In general staff informs their superiors in case of a planned leave. The other team members might not be aware of this and this might cause disturbance in work schedules. Announcements pasted on the board will serve to inform the team
  18. Reminder for important stuff - A gentle reminder can be placed amongst the employees regarding work completion. When working as a team each person is working on a different module in the same project. One might have to wait for the other person to finish his part in order to continue. A gentle reminder to speed up the work can sure help.
  19. Personal Space - This is for interested employees who like sharing information related to their family, their previous work, their hobbies and anything they would like to share. This brings about familiarity amongst employees.
  20. Announce new deals bulletin board trim - This is suited for sales outlets like mobile stores. The new deals that are announced can be displayed in an eye catching way using lots of colors and pictures, for example of the mobile phone models you offer with the prices. This should be displayed so that even a casual walker by is attracted to go for the new deal.
  21. Special Discounts - In very big malls and such shopping destinations this can be an added promoter. People like purchasing at big malls as they get deals on many products here. Special discounts offered at the shop for a period of time can be announced on the bulletin board. This brings in more crowds.
  22. Comparison of prices - In case of a huge departmental store a board letting the customers know the rates of similarly used items, say computers and routers from different manufacturers with the same set of specification can be displayed. This helps the customers choose a good product as per their requirements and their spending power.
  23. Popular brands bulletin board trim - There are some brands which are an all time major hit with customers. Display special discounts or offers that come with these brands. It could be a buy 2 for less or any good customer satisfaction guaranteed offer. Displaying them at proper places will help boost sales.
  24. Compare prices with competitor bulletin board trim - In insurance companies and such, a display of what they have to offer, usually for much less than the competitor can be displayed on the bulletin board. Also to get the trust of the customer they can display their company policy, their previous records, awards for good performance etc. in a place which has good access like the reception area.
  25. Special of the day - In places to eat out, like restaurants the special dish of the day or the reduced price or any special combo you have to offer can be displayed on a daily basis on a permanent display board. It helps to attract the regular customers. Add detailed pictures to make it more attractive.
  26. Schedules - In public transportation areas have a bulletin board preferably an automated one to show the next arriving train/bus/flight. Showing the schedule in advance can prepare the public better. Also showing safety measures and do's and don'ts while aboard the transport will be a good reminder for the public.
  27. Safety at work bulletin board trim - In highly dangerous environments like a nuclear reactor plant have a must be there bulletin board letting the employees know the standard safety procedures to be followed. Seeing them repeatedly makes them follow it compulsorily and makes it a regular routine. Safety at work should never be compromised.
  28. Fire escape plans bulletin board trim - It is preferable to have a fire escape plan at all exits and places that are crowded in especially a multi storied office. In case of a fire the fire escape routes to take from all workplaces must be clearly specified. Also the other exits and areas where fire extinguishers are available must be clearly marked.
  29. Hot news of the day bulletin board trim - Displaying the news of the day keeps the staff informed about the various happenings. Also it gives them a topic to discuss informally. Talk about work alone can be dull and for people who do not want to get too personal, this general topic about the news can be a conversation starter.
  30. Best seller of the month - Book publishers can make a display bulletin board of the best sold book of the month published by them. It can have a brief introduction about the author, what the book is about, and by whom the project was managed. The team members involved in editing it and printing it out and the best performing employer can all be included.
  31. List of best sellers bulletin board trim - Not all customers have a general idea of what they want when they plan a visit to the book shop. A list of best sellers in all fields like technology, fiction, nonfiction, and knowledge based books can be made out. Keep updating this for better results. This helps increase the sales volume.
  32. Great hit combo offers bulletin board trim - There may be many offers for different products, but only a few are the most preferred by customers. Make a note of what sells the best and what brings you more profit. Display such combos in big letters along with good pictures at many locations inside your shop. The more you keep reminding them the more chance they buy it.
  33. Innovate and recreate - Always strive to be innovative in everything you do. This is a chain reaction. The more innovative the bulletin board is the more innovative ideas it triggers. For such themes, go for something where interested persons can contribute to make the theme better. Recreate from old ideas with a fresh new look.
  34. Know the staff - This is useful for new employees. They will have very little knowledge of their team and vice versa. In such case to bring about a good interaction right from the start try putting up a few details of all members on the team like name, designation along with a picture if possible. Put up the new person's picture along with his brief bio data.
  35. Decorate according to the workplace need - One decoration will not suit all workplaces. For a technology related workplace professional bulletin boards are preferred. In restaurants and malls fun filled boards which are pleasing to look at can boost sales.
  36. Bring them into the mood bulletin board trim - Once the staff enter the office, if they are in the mood to perform well your company will grow fast. A motivational, energetic, enthusiastic workplace can be built by displaying a few motivational words and good scenic pictures to go with them. Bring them into a positive mood once they step into the office premises.
  37. Nature board - Try decorating the bulletin board with stuff like leaves, tree bark, flowers and all natural things. This will look very attractive. Also add a few words to bring about enthusiasm and promote a general feel of energetic attitude. Include interested members to help out. Many good ideas are better than one.
  38. Apparel stores - For the staff, have a bulletin board with fabric displayed and a description of its texture, feel, and what use it can be put for. Also let them know how to work with choosy customers by giving pointers on how to help people select the right fit. Bring about a sense of fashion by giving an introduction to what the right look is.
  39. Toy shop -Display on the bulletin board some information for the staff to assist while choosing bikes or head gear for children. If possible put up a board with details of the age and the correct inches on the bike appropriate for the age group children. Also make sure you let the customers know what is new at the store.
  40. Library bulletin board trim - Book lovers are always on the lookout of new and interesting books. Have a permanent notice board and give useful information like books new on the rack and hot books on the stand. Also give out the basic instructions to be followed when taking books home and the returning policy of the library.
  41. Helpful tips - On a weekly or a much better daily basis in case of an ongoing sale at your shop, put up tips for the staff to better assist the customers. Let the staff get familiar with the deals in the sale to achieve better sales profits. They can refer back to the bulletin board in case of confusion.
  42. Show the way - In case of big organizations put up boards on all areas to show which way takes you where. Take special care you mark the fire exits, restrooms, department, and canteen locations properly on the map. In big malls mark where each shop, restaurant and kids' places are located.
  43. Brand new - When going for sales of brand new products, to make your employees familiar with the features and advantages of the new one in comparison with the old, make out a comparison chart which is easy to refer to. Highlight the features that will attract customers and the prices plus any discounts offered.
  44. Sales ideas bulletin board trim- When there is an ongoing sale then you will want to sell as much of the old stuff as you can. Reducing the price is the best way to attract customers. While doing so make sure you do not compromise on the quality. The tactics which can be used to sell these items on sale can be listed out in the employee's rest area.

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