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Add easter flavour


Get those Creative Juices Pumping
Get people to participate in the development and design of bulletin boards. Explain that good content for the boards will depend on their assistance and outline the type of information that you may need. Listen to their input and take their thoughts and ideas into consideration.
Think of this as having free-lance “reporters” working for you out in the field. These workers will be exposed to different tidbits of information, events, happenings and news to which you may not be privy. To produce a truly good bulletin board means that you must have the ability to look at all sides of an issue and helping others do the same.
It is very valuable to have others help you by providing you with different slants on one specific subject. Be sure that you sincerely express your thanks to each individual by a note, letter, card or e-mail message. You can even post an all-inclusive thank-you on the bulletin board.

What to put on the boards

• IT awareness and preparedness
• Disaster drills
• Call Center information
• Employee performance and reviews
• Company Surveys and results

• Employee recognition programs
• Awards criteria and names of award recipients
• Suggestion box feedback
• Employee of the month programs
• Training and development information

• Continuing education programs
• Corporate social responsibility
• How to Go Green in the office environment
• Corporate whistle blowing policies and procedures
• Diversity in the workplace

• Employee health and wellness issues
• Health and Life insurance
• Vacation days
• Employee orientation

• Integration and merger policies
• Safety
• Holidays
• Overtime Hours and Pay
• Earth Day Campaigns

• ‘Casual Fridays’
• Workplace attire
• Productivitiy and production
• Sales goals
• Attendance and safety awards

• Celebrations
• Personal growth and self-development
• Employee benefits
• Retirement
• Inspiring people to generate winning ideas

• Company branding
• Monitoring and progress of Cost reduction efforts
• Welcome for new staff members
• Time saving projects
• Feedback from staff (discussions)

• Plans to reduce absenteeism and sick days
• Worker’s compensation programs
• Goal achievement progress
• Company vision and values
• Mission statement

• Operational effectiveness
• Notification of any ‘gripe sessions’
• Committee meetings
• Volunteers
• Charitable drives

• If someone has a specific concern that is not included on the list, see if you can incorporate the idea into a topic for the bulletin board.



Target your audience and poll them to find out what the top 3 items are that they would like to have discussed on the bulletin board. You can even conduct a poll, or individual survey, with email messages.

Thanks! Thanks! now Let’s Be Frank
Post those congratulatory letters or comments of praise on the boards. These notes may have been written by customers or they could have come from a co-worker or a member of the management team. This kind of recognition helps boost spirits, improve office morale and encourages workers to stop and check the bulletin board on a regular basis.

The same principles apply to thanking your staff publicly for a job well done. Publicize their efforts and accomplishments. Let people know when an employee is being promoted, has received a special work related award or has been selected for a coveted training program.


A note on maintaining the notice boards: Encourage assistance with maintaining the boards. Appoint a critique or a mini committee. Have them look over your boards and point out what’s missing. They can also assist in encouraging contributions and feedback.



Have any Clever or Unusual Bulletin Board Ideas?

Do you have a great idea or some tips for celebrating communicating messages on a bulletin board in the workplace?

Share it! Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do.

Tell us what you did, how you went about it and the results you got. Tell us about the people you targeted. What was your objective?

OR you can write about another workplace issue here. The best submissions will be published in the Workplace Communication Tips and Techniques book.



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