Bulletin Board Displays

The workplace bulletin board provides a space to showcase creative bulletin board displays that all the employees can see and be a part of. As part of workplace communication tools, methods and techniques, bulletin board displays will have a potential for uniting the staff, recognizing employee achievements or even bringing some humor to a working day. Workplace dynamics will help in guiding the best options for communication board ideas and displays.

There are plenty of workplace bulletin board ideas:

Ideas to help Measure the Effectiveness of Boards

Informal quiz
Comparison charts
Set goals and chart progress

bulletin board displays for staff

Ideas that will Improve Audience Numbers

Interactive boards
Use of vibrant colors
3-D boards
Incorporate visual and audio features in the bulletin board
Keep the board fresh and exciting! Change the content and appearance on a regular basis
Change things up and surprise viewers and readers with top 10 lists, pop culture trivia or other interesting tidbits of information
Offer rewards for readers who can answer the most questions related to the content

Types of boards for Dynamic Displays

There are many different types of bulletin boards that you can use to create message and information centers. You can select a style that is well suited to the overall tone of your workplace or keep people guessing by mixing up the bulletin boards that you use on a regular basis.

Here is a list that includes different styles of bulletin board displays:

  1. Pin board: Basic, but effective! The pin board is a standby that still deserves respect and this is one of the most affordable of all bulletin boards.
  2. Magnetic: This style of board allows you to effortlessly rearrange information and make updates without the need for pins, tacks, tape or other fasteners.
  3. Felt boards: Commonly used in schools and workplaces. With a felt board you can create a tactile arrangement that generates interest.
  4. Whiteboards: Simple and classic! These styles of bulletin boards can be fun, casual, high-tech or elegant. Look for whiteboards that are also erasable for a quick fix to those ‘fast changing bulletin board blues'.
  5. Fabric covered: Buy these ready made message boards at the store, or create your own with scraps of colorful fabric.
  6. Green boards: These can be made of gypsum for use in high humidity areas, or some green board bulletin boards are made from green magnetized steel.
  7. Chalk boards: The rustic look and low tech approach to this style of bulletin board makes this a good choice for any workplace where changing updates are going to happen on a frequent basis.

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Bulletin boards in the workplace are still an effective form of communication.

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