Bulletin Board Designs

BULLETIN BOARD DESIGNS and tips for the workplace

Disarray and monotony can sometimes cause problems with bulletin boards. The bulletin board should be a shared material amongst the employees, and it could be difficult for everyone to agree all together on bulletin board designs and ideas.

bulletin board designs to communicate to the workforceAs part of workplace communication tools, methods and techniques for everyone to get involved, it will be important in welcoming bulletin board decorating ideas from the employees and creating a fusion that will be liked by everyone.

Workplace bulletin boards should blend both style and functionality to make the work bulletin board unique.

Bulletin board designs and designs could include creating category headings by using colored paper then designing them. Using colored cardboard for creating cutout letters instead of printing them could showcase creativity in making a unique bulletin board. Flower cutouts, artwork and ribbon could also be added to the board depending on what theme is chosen. The design should be kept simple and involve minimal materials so as to avoid the board looking crowded. Simplicity is key and more eye-catching!

There are lots of ideas for bulletin board designs:

Presentation Design

Don't overload your notice board with too many words or simply too much data. Let the picture or graphic tell the story.

Visual Elements

  1. A font size of 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended for subtitles
  2. The title default size should be 44
  3. Use a ‘san serif' font for titles
  4. Keep the visuals clear and simple
  5. Use contrasting shades: light on dark or dark on light
  6. Keep the background consistent yet subtle
  7. The design needs to be clean and uncluttered
  8. Leave some empty space around your text and graphics

The Faces that Launched a Thousand Discussions!

Pictures are said to be "worth 1 000 words", but only if they are good. You can create your own high-quality photographs with a digital camera, or you may choose to purchase professional stock photography. ‘15 minutes of fame' is something that appeals to all of us. People want to see pictures of themselves and their friends, so use these photos (and their faces) when creating message boards for the world to view.

A Headline Act that Belongs in Vegas?

Bring your posted headlines to life. In most instances it is the headline that will influence whether or not the content is going to be read by your audience. Have fun with your headlines and create some zingers. Tempt them! Tease them! Capture them with your words. Keep these headers fresh and experiment with new phrases. Use puns and double entendres to ramp up the interest and curiosity levels.

Backgrounds ‘Blurring the Basics'

Backgrounds should never detract from the overall presentation. You may need to experiment with a variety of backgrounds to see which style works best for your bulletin board project. Subtlety will go a long way toward helping you achieve the perfect finished look for this project.
Crop photos
Pop ups
Cutouts (cardboard)
Die cut shapes and silhouettes

A suggestion box or envelope can be affixed to the board to make this message center have a more ‘interactive' and ‘user friendly' vibe. This is a background feature that can be easily blended into the basic scheme or theme of your bulletin board.

In order to add interest and visual appeal:

  1. Consider creating a mural
  2. Make a photo collage
  3. Use cartoons and photographs

Humor always Helps - Laughter never Hurts!

Use some jokes, riddles or other forms of amusing content when posting messages. It is perfectly okay to make people laugh and to try and entertain your readers.
People are going to remember the things that make them laugh or smile. Your reader should be your main focus. Include some humorous content and material that people can relate to and let this help tie the content on your bulletin board together.

Tips for Posting Bulletin Board Content

  1. Keep the material relevant and make sure that the majority of the information is useful to your target audience
  2. Dare to be original; discover new and unusual methods to use when creating those bulletin boards

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Bulletin Boards

Feedback on the success of the notice boards can be obtained through the use of:


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Bulletin boards in the workplace are still an effective form of communication.

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