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Clever bulletin board decorating in the workplace can liven up your communication. bulletin board decorating tipsThey can be used for workplace communication tools, methods and techniques for making the employees feel like part of a team and can showcase projects or awards as well as post memos and reminders. The board could be made of wood, cork or even with metal for magnetic decorations. Keeping the bulletin board inviting and fresh will require frequent updates as well as a few bulletin board decorating ideas and touches for attracting attention.

Some workplace notice board decorating ideas could include creating a mosaic with ripped up colorful paper on the bulletin board. This could be a lot more visually attractive and appealing than a plain bulletin board. Another decorating idea could be with using fancy fabric such as silk or satin to cover a regular cork board for creating a shiny and sleek board. Each department could take turns with decorating the board and suggesting bulletin board decorating themes.


There are lots of fun and interesting
bulletin board themes that everyone can get involved in:


1. Sweet Tooth!

Picture a board with a white background here. On the border decorate with twisted white and red crepe paper. Next, put sweet snacks on the main board. Try to lean towards the healthiest choices. Add fresh fruit pictures and sugar free items (for any diabetics). Call it "Sweet Tooth." You can also put the calorie counts here too.

2. Animation or For a Laugh!

For fun and something interesting to look at during break time, put up a collage of famous animated characters such as Tinkerbell, Marmaduke, Dennis the Menace, and partial comic strips, etc. Make the heading "Animation" and make the letters look as funny and colorful as possible. You could try a red background here.

3. United We Stand!

Take time to put up different ethnic backgrounds and a neat fact about each, such as the Native American and the Red Earth Festival where the public can come in and see authentic dress, dances and music. Rather than making it about black, white or red people, make it more about festivals, art and celebrations. You could make the background orange and on the border add crepe or items in orange, yellow and green. This one can be called "United We Stand."

4. Going against the flow, upstream all the way!

Make the background blue. Add a really cute fish going in one direction and a bunch of sharks coming towards him. Decorate with other under the sea cut-outs. Twist crepe paper in shades of light and dark blue with white to resemble sea foam. You could call this one "Upstream All the Way" or something like this.

5. The History of Chocolate!

Make the background brown or beige. Many people love chocolate. It could almost be its own language, but even those that are allergic may eat it in white form. Many may be interested in where it came from, whether it had medicinal purposes, how many varieties there are, etc. Pictures of chocolate items must be posted. Then, on different shapes of cut out paper write facts about chocolate. Call this one "Little Things You May Not Know About Chocolate." You could cut out or print out red, blue, yellow and green circles then outline M&M in the center of each one to tape to the border.

6. Fast Food Choices!

This would require a little bit of statistic gathering. Go to several fast food restaurants in the area and get their nutritional fact sheets. Post their menu or cut out a block with their name on it and under it put a low calorie healthy choice vs. a high calorie not so healthy choice for each restaurant, showing the calorie difference. Next, make little cut-outs to symbolize the restaurant, for instance McDonald's could be golden arches or a hamburger. Any background color would work here. This one would be called "The Healthiest Option" or something comparable. You could put little cars around the border.

7. Promote Your Local Zoo!

Put up the hours of the local zoo(s), and ticket prices for adults, children and groups. Make several cut-outs of different animals you would find there. The title could be "Think Zoo" and the letters would be in animal print, like tiger or zebra stripes or leopard spots, etc. See if there is a possible group discount for buying in bulk. Put color borders or crepe in natural colors like brown, green, beige or blue.

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