Bulletin Board Borders

Bulletin board borders frame a bulletin board, Bulletin board borders made out of puzzle piecesmaking it look more professional and finished. A border will frame the whole display to add the finishing touch. A border that is bought at a store comes in many designs, themes and shapes such as straight edged, shaped and scalloped. Although the trim or border will typically match any lettering that is on a board, it will nevertheless be a matter of preference. Borders can also be handmade from stiff paper, for example poster boards or card stock.

This border in the example above is made out of puzzle pieces with arrow shapes that fit into each other. The theme and message for this board can be ‘all elements coming together for a perfect fit'.

Triggering ideas for your bulletin board borders

Use the holidays, seasons or the top news headlines to help you create themes for your workplace bulletin board ideas. Arrow border on plain coloured backgroundFind inspiration in books, magazines or on the internet. A theme is the underlying structure that helps bring your communication board ideas together in a cohesive manner.

This border, made of arrows, can be used to highlight steps in a repeated process.

Choose themes from the following list:

  1. Seasonal bulletin boards
  2. Awards
  3. Easter
  4. Camaraderie in the Workplace
  5. Christmas
  6. Charity Begins at Home
  7. Thanksgiving
  8. Celebrating Diversity
  9. Valentine's Day
  10. Cultural themes
  11. Halloween
  12. Family
  13. Monthly bulletin boards
  14. Vacation fun
  15. January to December
  16. Back to School-Training for adult Workers
  17. Food and drink
  18. Hobbies
  19. World events

Workplace communication tools, methods and techniques for increasing the readership of the boards:

  1. One of the best ways to boost the number of readers for bulletin boards is by creating ‘awareness campaigns'. These can be flyers, memos, emails or phone calls that let those office workers know they need to stop by and devote a few minutes to the important information that you have made available.
  2. A quality ‘awareness campaign' will significantly boost those ‘traffic' numbers. Use the internet, email, blogs and other social media connections to help alert workers to the fact that they need to check the bulletin boards at work on a regular basis.
  3. Incorporate audio, visual and tactile features in your bulletin boards. Grab the attention of your audience. Coy measures will be your downfall. Instead, be bold, be brazen and be determined to succeed.
  4. Begin a viral campaign in the workplace, where others are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and input. Avoid censorship if at all possible. This public forum will cause those ‘readership' numbers to soar.
  5. Create contests for readers. Devise some ‘bulletin board borders design' competition for teams of workers. Invite them to ‘think outside the box' and then make sure that all entries are posted. Afterwards you can have a judging period and award small prizes to the winners.

Readership will start to increase once the office staff learns that the content is interesting and fresh updates are constantly being posted. While you still need to make sure that the appearance of your bulletin boards is ‘on point' the biggest draw is often going to be the quality of that content you are delivering to staff members. Make it worth their while to check out the latest postings.

You may even wish to try out a publicity stunt that can help generate interest in your latest bulletin board. All you need to do is to select two people from each office department. They will then be charged with creating a stir by discussing an issue that you have addressed on the bulletin board.

It is important that this discussion is able to be overheard by other people from within each of the office departments. Make sure that the topic of discussion is something interesting and newsworthy, otherwise no one will really care if they overhear the ‘office gossip' or not.

Your publicity teams can tell the other employees to ‘check it out' for themselves and send them to your bulletin board. This will make it a ‘done deal' for your bulletin board borders message to quickly become the center of attention.


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