Bulletin Board Border Ideas
14 Quick and Easy Design Tips

Transform your bulletin board border with simple elements that convey a theme or message.

  1. Place cardboard pockets, into which leaflets can be inserted, down one side of the board.
  2. Run string across the top of the board and peg cards or notices onto the string.
  3. This bulletin board border Bulletin board border ideais made up of a series of sheets of coloured paper, each cut slightly shorter than the other. Keywords can be written on the right hand side of the bottom of each flap. The top layers can be torn-off when the information is no longer needed. Add a tree landscape along the bottom of the board for added imagery.
  4. Make a thick border with pictures of staff at an event in a collage format.
  5. Create a border made from handwritten words, such as commitment signatures from staff.
  6. The light bulb sticking over the edge of the boardBorder idea for corner of bulletin board represents bright ideas.
  7. Draw rainbow patterns on the border. Then paint over the rainbow pattern with black paint. When the paint is dry, use an object like a fork or a knife to scratch out pictures through the black paint, revealing the colours underneath it.
  8. Place a long tape measure along the side of the board like a height chart, with the message ‘how do we measure up?’
  9. Mount images on boards of different thickness to give them greater presence.
  10. Use Scrabble squares to form a crossword, making up words that are relevant to current workplace issues.
  11. Cardboard sheets with coloured cards are attached to this board.Board background with pullout sheets
    The cards can be pulled out and replaced with new information. They are useful for information that staff refer to, like leave schedules.
  12. This is a t-shirt for the ‘nominate your colleague’ campaign. Bulletin icon on border of bulletin boardOne of the actual shirts, or a card board cutout of a shirt, could be place on the board.
  13. Click here for another 17 Quick and easy creative do it yourself design tips and special effects for bulletin board border and backgrounds to make your boards stand out.
  14. Also go to this link to find 15 clever ways to give your printable bulletin board the edge.


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Use a novel fold to create a pocket into which information can be placed. This is ideal for information that has to be updated or replaced often.
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