Benefits of the Intranet, Technology and Human Communication

Here is a list of more than 40 benefits of the intranet


The intranet is a great tool that may be used in order to get messages across to your staff members. There are many fun and creative ways that you could use the intranet to your advantage within your company. You can promote the workplace issues on just about any topic on an intranet.

Below are loads of benefits of the intranet…

  1. The intranet is a like your own private network, where you are able to share and view information within the company.
  2. Information can be tailor made to your staff.
  3. Staff have access to the intranet all the time.
  4. You can promote fundamental concepts within your company over your intranet, these fundamental concepts can cover a broad range of topics from definition of social responsibility, funny campaign slogan, funny catch phrases, catchy slogans phrases to educational slogans to promote campaign messages.
  5. Messenger service systems can be run via the intranet meaning that staff can communicate with other staff members without leaving their desk.
  6. Cost effective, saves money - this is one of the greatest benefits of the intranet.
  7. Gives staff issues higher profile and can become the central communication hub of the company.
  8. Messages, event and information can be placed on the intranet as they quickly. This saves time.
  9. The intranet reduces print and distribution costs.
  10. Staff can respond to information on the intranet via email.
  11. Another one of the benefits of the intranet is that intranets offer flexibility of information. Information can be changed and adapted at the click of a button. This means that information can be current and up to date at all times.
  12. Information is easy to load.
  13. Blogs can get management in touch with staff in a personal way. This can be used to clear up misunderstanding and problems that arise.
  14. On line social networks can be used.
  15. It can be used to help gather information eg stories for the staff newsletter.
  16. Videos and images can be uploaded onto the intranet.
  17. Online courses for employees to increase productivity can be placed on the intranet on topics such as
    • Example of a strategic plan
    • Needs assessment examples
    • How to write a outline
    • Goal setting suggestions
    • Example of an outline
    • Create timeline
    • Workforce requirements planning
    • Creative presentation idea
    • Powerpoint presentation examples
    • Different presentation ideas
    • Free create banner
  18. Videos and images can be uploaded onto the intranet. This is once of the great benefits of the intranet as it can mean that people in offices in other cities can communicate without having to travel to another city. This saves time and cost, one of the important benefits of the intranet.
  19. Interactive idea sharing and brainstorming sessions can be held.
  20. A tips and techniques corner can be used to help employees improve writing and communication skills eg
    • The use of different types of examples of tone in writing
    • Examples of hyperboles
    • Analogy examples
    • Examples of personification
    • Examples of adverbs
    • A company phrase book or dictionary with sample sentences
  21. Competitions can be held to promote company image and branding eg a create mission statement competition could be run via the intranet.
  22. The mission statement should be promoted on the intranet eg the bank of America mission statement is placed on their intranet. The same applies for the Wal Mart mission statement and the Starbucks mission statement.
  23. The intranet can also be used to communicate email tips eg tips on
    • How to check my outlook express email
    • Kids free email accounts
    • Aol e-mail
    • Yahoo e-mail
    • E-mail address search
    • Free email tracing
    • Find e-mail address
  24. Some intranets have even included information for staff on how to
    • Create my own myspace layout
    • Create a myspace layout
  25. It can also contain useful IT information such as
    • Freeware pdf converter
    • Freeware pdf editor
    • Pdf creator freeware
    • Free word to pdf converter
    • Open source pdf editor
    • Free pdf converter software
    • Pdf writer freeware
  26. The intranet can provide a good research element for staff on surveys eg
    • Fun email surveys questions
    • Fun surveys to email people
    • Write an executive summary example
    • Fun personal surveys
  27. Messages can be addressed by staff to
    • The CEO - a section called “Att CEO” could be introduced where staff ask question and the CEO answers them.
    • CEO challenges can also be promoted on the intranet.
  1. Human resources issues can be explained and outlined on the intranet for people to refer to. Examples are
    • Causes of employee turnover
    • Workforce management systems
    • Workforce managers
    • Meaning globalization
    • Employee privacy act
    • Employee privacy laws
    • Rights of salaried employees
    • Employee rights act
    • Employee rights in the workplace
    • Risk assessment template
    • Definition of organizational behavior
    • Organizational behavior article
    • Behavior modification hypnosis
    • Definition of behavior modification
    • Free behavior modification charts
    • Employee feedback program
    • Behavior modification education
    • Organizational behavior robbins
    • Concepts of organizational behavior
    • Models of organizational behavior
    • Cognitive behavior modification
  1. It can be used to promote fun elements such as
    • Instructions for making christmas decorations to decorate office area. Plus
    • Christmas tree decorating ideas
    • Free Christmas desktop themes
    • An interdepartmental challenge can be held for the best decorated department.
  2. Benefits of the intranet include the fact that sensitive issues can be raised and norms put in place for issues such as:
    • Examples of racial discrimination
    • Cultural diversity in workplace
    • Definition of intercultural communication
    • Diversity in work place
    • Diversity in workforce
    • Cultural diversity in the workplace
  3. During downsizing or retrenchment companies can assist employees with
    • Example objective statement resume
    • Free resume format examples
    • Career objective examples for resumes
    • Examples of sales resumes
    • Restaurant resume example
    • Example answers for interviews
    • Personal reference letter sample
    • Create a resume form
  4. Safety, health and environment issues can be promoted such as
    • Free safety presentations
    • Work place safety posters
    • Safety meeting topics free
  5. Advise staff of
    • Current email hoaxes
    • Scam email reporting
    • Report email scams
    • Check email hoax
  6. Benefits of the intranet include the option to have a fun staff ideas corner to give ideas such as
    • Unique ideas for valentines day
    • Creative valentine ideas
    • Cheap valentines ideas
    • Valentine origami
    • Homemade gift ideas valentines day
    • Valentines suggestions
    • Valentine templates
  7. Promote the company's values morals ethics
    • Value chain example
    • Sample vision statements
  8. Employee health and wellbeing aspects
    • Total gym workout instruction
    • Weight watchers meeting locations
  9. Provide information on corporate whistle blowing and example of risk assessment. It can provide a mechanism for anonymous whistle blowing so that staff blowing the whistle and reporting fraud will be assured of not being victimized.
  10. All company policies and procedures can be stored on the intranet.
  11. Provide employee retention tips for managers. This includes
    • Employee retention programs
    • Employee retention strategies
  12. Announce rewards and achievements:
    • Printable reward charts
    • Optimum rewards
    • Provide good ideas for dinner for awards event to help the department organizing the event. This reduces the amount of external help that is required.
    • Written example of employee evaluation
    • Plaque wording for appreciation
    • Employee recognition letters
    • Employee of the month programs
  13. Another one of the benefits of the intranet is that is provides assistance with going green information and campaigns - explain issues such as
    • What does going green mean
    • Global warming outline
    • Carbon footprint facts
    • Carbon footprint calculations
    • Calculate carbon footprint
    • Bp carbon footprint

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