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Bellsouth employee benefits provides an excellent example of an employee benefits program.

Employee Engagement
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Use our employee retention tips and creative ideas and methods to hold on to your best employees.

Employee retention is an important issue that faces all companies throughout the world. While poor salaries might compel your best employees to look at greener pastures, there are several other factors including the importance of communication skills and use or lack of use of an effective employee engagement model that might drive your staff into the arms of your competitors. Offering benefits to staff eg Bellsouth employee benefits can make it more attractive for employees to stay with your company.

Here are some basic employee retention tips that play a role in retaining employees. The Bellsouth employee benefits plan provides a good example of an effective employee engagement model. Click here to find an additional 22 employee retention tips and office morale boosters to engage with and retain valuable employees.

The first step that you need to implement is to ask for honest and pro-active feedback from your employees across all levels and at employee retention tipsregular intervals. A written example of employee evaluation forms should be given to each department head so that the forms and feedback is in a consistent format. This will immediately provide you with an indication of the current mood of your employees.

Since working conditions along with the mindset of your employees keep on changing in these fast times, it is important that you keep a hand on the pulse of your people at all times. This is achieved in the Bellsouth employee benefits model.

The next step is to initiate programs that will please all your employees just like the Bellsouth employee benefits program, reward the hard-working ones, show employees who are committed to efficiency and productivity and set an example for others to step up their act in your organization.

Some fun employee recognition ideas include using printable reward charts, plaque wording for appreciation, employee recognition letters, offering funny employee awards for employee of the month programs or an employee of the month certificate.

During regular meetings with your staff, it is important that you launch an incentive program that rewards employees that have gone that extra mile to increase sales and please their customers. This can include an employee recognition speech at specific workplace events to acknowledge staff, employee service recognition, an employee service award program and an award presentation speech.

Other back-end departments should also be given criteria such as water or energy saving ideas, or productivity improvement ideas at the workplace so that they do not feel neglected. This will please all sections of your employees as they will feel that their voice is being heard and their efforts appreciated by management. To increase awareness around employee benefits you can use creative ideas for employee recognition.

In cases where employees have complaints the validity of those complaints should be looked into impartially and should be solved in a transparent manner. This move will usually nip problems in the bud and increase employee satisfaction levels.

At the time of hiring employees, you should make sure that you clearly spell out the benefits and incentives offered by your company to avoid unrealistic expectations at a later stage. All promises must be kept in order to maintain the employee's respect and trust.

A couple of employee retention ideas are to help your employees to increase their work skills by paying full or part of their fees for additional training or to offer a critical skills retention bonus to high demand, highly skilled individuals. This too could make them into loyal employees that would prefer to stay on with you in the long run. You could also try out other innovative incentive programs such as sponsoring full or part of your employees children's education so as to ensure that the money is actually spent where you want it to be spent.

Important aspects to employee retention:

It is far easier to retain good staff than to replace them with new staff, even though there are services such as a no cost people locator that help with finding people at no cost. They even offer a no cost background check service. However, employee retention statistics as with customer retention statistics show that is it easier and cheaper to retain employees or customers, as the long term cost and learning curve to get new ones up to speed is extremely high and takes time.

A group of staff members who were asked how they thought employee benefits could be revisited in their company came up with the following points:

A program such as the Bellsouth employee benefits program encourages retention by offering valuable benefits and resources that make a big difference to the employee's everyday work life.

The Bellsouth employee benefits program is a good example of an effective employee benefits plan that offers creative ideas for employee recognition and assistance.

Bellsouth employee benefits offer:

Bellsouth employee benefits family care, which refunds money outlayed for expenses on eligible dependents. This is taken from pre tax contributions.

Bellsouth employee benefits discount on child minders

Bellsouth employee benefits employee assistance program which provides counseling by professionals for a variety of personal and workplace issues. The service offers 100% confidentiality.

A scholarship and student loan plan for the children of employees.

Bellsouth employee benefits educational assistance program which refund your tuition costs.

Donations equivalent to your contribution to corporate social responsibility such as charities and cultural organizations.

Bellsouth employee benefits telephonic and internet based education and information on various life and workplace issues.

Mortgage program for employees that assist with financing a property.

Employee benefit outsourcing is a good way to hire expertise on certain areas without having to carry the cost of a full time employee.

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