Award Presentation Speech - Employee Recognition


Award presentation speech to acknowledge and recognize staff

In the workplace employee recognition is based on a psychological theory that rewards behavior.

award presentation speech"Organizations that employ this positive principle encourage staff to perform better and retain employees whilst promoting the company's values and goals."

The overall effect is improved customer satisfaction through committed and engaged employees who are proud of the company they work for. To boost morale and encourage healthy competition top performers should be recognized and rewarded for their contribution. Management should devise a consistent, fair and highly visible program where supervisors record staff achievements and staff can nominate their peers for recognition.

Staff can further contribute by putting forward suggestions of colleagues they feel qualify for an award or recognition. They can add comments which can be added to the award presentation speech.

There are many opportunities and reasons to reward staff.award presentation speech

These include:

Management can use these ideas to write an employee recognition speech for a special event to honor outstanding achievements and carry over this theme into an award presentation speech to reward employees for their contribution towards business success. It is important to thank staff.

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creating your own layout

Below is an example of an employee award campaign.

Operation Activate Campaign

Advisor Consultants (ACs) are required to motivate the Advisors to increase sales and push new business through during the period of the competition.

Theme and imageryaward presentation speech
Secret mission with phrases such as 'top secret', 'confidential', 'for your eyes only', 'authorized access only' etc.
You will be introduced to the agents, the missions, the means, the methods, the myths and the rewards.
Flash mailer with old fashioned typewriter keys going up and down typing a message.
Code: Op ACtiv8
Mission: Operation Activate
Secret message:
Vital information profile:
Secret mission
Decode the message competition
Elite circle are double agents, who have achieved:

Target audience
130 ACs (each AC has on average 10 Advisors)

Campaign duration
6 months

Teaser email introducing the campaign, look out for competition on Monday, mock access code and limited access given, competition participants told that they are one of the select few granted access. This information can be used in the award presentation speech.

Flash mailer with rules

News clipping with AC's name in heading, red circleaward presentation speech 'have you seen this?'. Looks like a clipping torn out of a newspaper. Contains secret codes, basic campaign elements and introduction to campaign. Sent directly to Advisors in cellophane sleeve with label stapled on: name, address, location, date, activity, confidential stamp, mission code.

Monthly results and announcement of winners and participants making progress. Sent electronically in news clipping format with AC's name in heading, red circle with handwritten words: 'have you seen this?'

Email of motivational message sent monthly - in the form of type writer keys typing in message.

Flash mailer of pen writing tip
Results in newspaper format
Red circle drawn on newspaper clipping and hand written 'have you seen this'
Award presentation speech topics

Posters with campaign imagery to go in toilets/lifts

Lumpy package - official looking letter in brown envelope with stamps on outside. Will contain news clipping about possible 'suspects' seen breaking targets, or close to target. Will contain black and white photos of 'suspects' plus a list of evidence and clues - this will relate to a competition with a prize of a puzzling package (for those who get past the first level of the clues). Will contain ID card with dotted lines around to be punched/pushed out. A series of 3 clues to the cryptic competition will be sms t them. The first 3 to crack the competition will win a 'you've been framed in the AC campaign' photo frames. Pack will contain a pen.

Electronic announcement of winners of 'you've been framed competition'.

End off with newspaper article with pics, campaign elements and articles and interviews of achievements. Announcement of final achievers with achiever's pic and vital information eg time and place of achievement, special techniques etc. Include information from the award presentation speech.

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