Amazing Race Party Ideas
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Amazing Race Party Ideas - 21 ideas to help you plan your own amazing race party or campaign

The amazing race party ideas checklist lists the steps, artwork tips and ideas for holding a party or running an employee engagement campaign with this theme.

The novel ideas below make the campaign interesting and attention grabbing. By adding prizes and rewards for milestones that are reached you will keep your target audience's attention. Amazing race birthday party celebrations can also follow the ideas below.

These ideas can also be used to increase motivation and morale and to increase teamwork in the workplace.

Tips and ideas for an amazing race themed campaign or party - these amazing race party ideas will show you how to devise your own campaign.

[x] Brainstorm the campaign, just like the amazing race tv series. Watch tv show episode of amazing race to get ideas.

[x] Make applicants apply for amazing race contestant positions, just like they would for the amazing race television show in real life.

[x] Determine the message you wish to communicate. See types workplace communication and types communication medium for communication method ideas.

[x] As with the amazing race tv show applicants should be required to apply for cbs amazing race.

[x] An amazing race casting call should be held where contestants are chosen.
Have a deadline for when application for the amazing race must be in.
Create an application form with fun question and criteria and rules for entering.

[x] Have amazing race results for along the way, as goals and targets are reached

[x] Determine how you will handle amazing race spoilers. A spoiler is a person who obstructs or prevents an opponent's success while having no chance of winning a contest themselves. You could include penalties for amazing race contestants who obstruct others from achieving while taking part in the amazing race game. Or you could reward creative thinking by the amazing race spoilers in this area, depending on how you devise your communication strategy.

[x] Brand the campaign with the amazing race logo. Adapt the logo to your campaign message and slogan. Bring your own imagery and logo into into it. This imagery will be used on all printed and electronic material. Use the amazing race theme song.

[x] Create promotional material including:

[x] Select the presenter - this can be done by means of a competition where nominees have to meet strict criteria.

[x] Nominate spectators who can video aspects of the amazing race on their cell phone video cameras.

[x] Place novel video shots on the company intranet's wall of fame. Employees who are not taking part in the race can vote on who they think will win the amazing race. They can vote and leave comments. Amazing race commentary and amazing race update broadcasts should be done in a similar way to the program.

[x] Have a video prize for the person who gets the most unusual or most funny etc shots.

[x] An amazing race forum can be held where workplace issues are discussed.

[x] Once you know who won the amazing race the amazing race winner can be announced. Interviews can be set up with the winner. This will provide a chance to promote the message behind the campaign.

[x] Come up with some good ideas for dinner to announce the winner, the food can include traditional dishes from some of the race locations and destinations.

[x] Award the winner of the amazing race with a lot of fanfare. Publicize the prize before hand and after the award has been announced.

[x] All staff should be brought together to watch amazing race finals. The message of your campaign should be reinforced at the amazing race finale.

[x] Amazing race party ideas include finding a travel agent who will sponsor some of the prizes - they can promote unusual vacation destination at the same time to your staff. A trip could be one of the prizes. The travel agent can assist with amazing race vacation planning for winners.

[x] You could have an interactive, electronic race that is done by emails and via the intranet and a website. Autoresponder emails can be used to announce progress or to add excitement and give information about the campaign.

[x] Create a free certificate and printable reward charts for participants and spectators.

[x] The theme can be tied in with the following:

[x] Publicize answers to questions the applicants may ask eg when does next amazing race such as:

Hold a brainstorming session to come up with more amazing race party ideas.

I hope these amazing race party ideas have given you some tips for your campaign. You can also have a look at employee retention tips for other novel and unusual campaign ideas. Also see ideas employee incentive and types of incentive plans.

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These are just a few of amazing race party ideas. Brainstorm and think of more that may suit your campaign or party.quoted text