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The Aids logo and AIDS awareness is vital throughout the world today. It is an important part of celebrating World Aids Day. It is all about keeping individuals educated, safe and supported. Promoting AIDS awareness in the workplace will benefit your employees in a multitude of ways. Your company's HR department is there to handle situations that arise on the job and take an interest in your employees overall well being. Sharing information about AIDS is takes that concern to another level.

aids logoThe Importance of AIDS Awareness in the Workplace

Many businesses have begun providing workshops, resource manuals and various forms of information regarding AIDS to their employees.

By providing this information and additional services, companies:

Whether someone in your company is living with HIV /AIDS or the environment may allow for contraction (for instance, health care facilities), making employees aware of the disease and how it can be prevented or passed on will greatly decrease aids logothe chances of anyone becoming infected within - as well as outside of - the workplace. Additionally, you'll provide a satisfactory working environment for those directly affected by it.

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Promote Aids awareness in the workplace using Aids symbols, logos and campaign elements. Frequently, sensitivity training is integrated into workplace communications. One area were such communications is needed is in the realm of HIV/AIDS. One such way to raise awareness would be to integrate some of the common symbols associated with the condition.

One of the most common sights during the 1980s was a red ribbon. This ribbon emerged as a symbol about raising awareness towards the AIDS crisis. Does that mean that people no longer display the red ribbon like they had in previous generations? Some people still opt to raise awareness using this symbol although the use of ribbons has diminished over the years. Perhaps it is now time for a revival of this excellent imagery.

Replicas of the AIDS memorial quilt have also bee reproduced as a means of raising awareness of the disease. The quilt represented the communal awareness and compassion for those suffering from AIDS. Many sight the development of the original quilt to have been among the best fundraising ventures for the disease in history.

The slogan "Silence = Death" was a major symbol of AIDS awareness. Considering the ominous words in the slogan it is not publicly displayed to a great degree. However, its impact quite visceral as its meaning is fairly obvious.

Aids logo and wellness, induction and orientation.

Aids logo and awareness campaign example

Live Long. Live Strong. If you "Get Tested" and "Get Treatment."
A video clip/flash animation that will be showed for 3 mornings in a row at the security entrance as people come in. Shown on a proxima aids logoon White board. It will have stills of people who are committed to being tested and speech bubbles with comments from them, it will also have a couple of short video clips with people saying ‘YES' I want to know my status....'. Plus message from CEO saying that he will kick off the testing by being tested himself. CEO and other EXCO members can be tested in the open area outside the white house to create visibility.
Be tested. Live long, live strong. HIV voluntary counseling and testing on 3, 4 and 5 December in the clinic. Tests will be performed by professional nurses. Be tested and receive a t-shirt with the Aids logo.
The CEO and project sponsors should kick off testing by being tested (if possible in the open area outside the 'white house') for higher visibility. Photos should be taken for Kgatelopele Today.
Ideally it would be good to have three success facilitators holding aids logoup the three posters like picket boards. They could then encourage people to be tested as they walked in. It would be good to have this take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Management must also inform staff of the testing and encourage attendance.
Posters: Three sets of posters as staff approach the security entrance. Similar to street posters. They would be placed from staff parking area and visitor parking area where pedestrians come in.
Poster 1: Be tested. Live long, live strong. With Aids logo
Poster 2: HIV voluntary counseling and testing on 3, 4 and 5 December in the clinic. Tests will be performed by professional nurses.
Poster 3: Be tested and receive a t-shirt. Poster cut in shape of t-shirt.
Chart with target number of people to be tested, daily mark number of people who have been tested.
Get tested get treated live .. look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't want 2 know. Place Aids logo on the poster

Example of HIV Aids Advisor Campaign


by Peter Wabukala
(Kampala Uganda)

Am a Ugandan living in Kampala; I was working in Zambia as VSO (Voluntary services overseas) from March 2009 upto March 2011 with Mazabuka Municipal Council. My main task was to help develop and implement an HIV/AIDS workplace policy amongst Council staff.
There was basically HIV/AIDS stigma manifested in the form of SILENCE. One time, the Town Clerk remarked that:
"the reason people (staff) don't want to test for HIV is that they will worry so much after they have known their status and die".

We worked on the HIV/AIDS policy, launched it on 5/11/2009 with a theme: HIV/AIDS is a workplace issue, openness is the way to go.

This same message was on t-shirts and other materials for the launch which was a successful event. A week after the launch, one staff member came to my office and said, .. I am one of those people who should benefit from this policy. I am HIV positive, thank you for launching the policy.

By the time I completed my two years contract in mid March 2011, I had a list of 20 staff members of the Council who had disclosed their HIV positive status to either me or other peer educators.

People were more willing to discuss HIV/AIDS both formerly and informally amongst themselves unlike before when no single staff had ever disclosed their HIV status.

We had a staff population of about 250 including casual laborers.

In conclusion, the theme for the launch was good and it helped people to view HIV/AIDS as any other disease and not a disease to be ashamed of (stigma).

My name is Peter Wabukala
Telephone: +256712920223

Thank you Peter for your valuable contribution. And well done on making an impact in the lives of people. This was a successful campaign.

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