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Tired of the same old boring workplace communication methods?

Do you need workplace communication techniques that break through the clutter, increase memory retention, entertain and communicate a message effectively and with impact?

One of my clients, said he needed to bounce some ideas off me. He was doing a campaign to staff to communicate a sensitive issue. He did not have the budget to outsource the campaign, but just needed some good ideas.

workplace communication

What is it that communicators really need help with? What tips and advice are communicators looking for when it comes to communicating with staff?

Internal comms play a vital role in every company. Take one of my most valued clients, for example. We had worked with her at 3 blue chip financial services companies and through two company mergers - as well as having worked on integration campaigns, staff motivation, backlog wipeout, HIV/Aids awareness, call center campaigns, strategies to increase service levels, fraud awareness plus just about any other human resources issue you can think of.

What information could I give her that would make her job easier?

I then started looking for ways that would really make a measurable difference to her and other clients like her. Ways that would also work for you or any internal marketing and workplace communication situation.

That's when I decided on this website where I can offer a whole lot of ideas, information and really different, new and novel workplace communication methods - specifically for communicators, public relations and HR practitioners. Plus interesting case studies with examples of what has worked in other companies. New creative ways of doing things differently for maximum impact!

There are two types of workplace communication campaigns:

We have used behavior change and awareness campaigns to:

and much more!


What would a 10% or even 1% improvement in key operating metrics such as profit margins, rates and cost savings mean to your company?

OR how you can save large amounts of money by increasing accuracy?

Never underestimate the importance of workplace communication.

Workplace communication plays a vital role in every aspect of an organization. It will minimize employee uncertainty and resistance and will gain the employee's cooperation. 50% of a manager's time is spent resolving people problems relating to trust issues and poor communication. Communication can eliminate management time spent on handling employee conflict.

It deals with problems, the ripple effect of which impacts on operational efficiencies and the bottom line.

Some examples of what we have used workplace communication campaigns for:

Getting a message across in a novel, effective way with high impact can make the difference between a message being heard or ignored.

Every workplace communication must have a clear objective and message, must be clear and concise and well structured.

Do something different - Make your communication CREATIVE

We can use anything from a “now” chocolate to motivate staff to reach target NOW, a toilet roll to communicate the effectiveness of “simple workplace communicationsolutions”, sardines to “capture market share”, “eye drops to clear your vision”, or even send a hole for a “whole new perspective” on service (yes, we can even package holes and get a message across at the same time). Recently we had actors dressed as beggars walking around the building ‘begging' staff to attend the retirement workshop, run by HR, and to not end up like them.

workplace communication

All these workplace communication campaigns included well planned messaging, research and evaluation, a slogan and novel imagery and artwork.

“When one of our clients had a backlog problem - we suggested that the Head of Operations challenge one of the key staff members and his team to clear the backlog by a certain date. If he succeeded the Operations Head would wash the staff member's car. This brought the team together and added a fun element and created awareness and competition around clearing the backlog. Bets were taken and a vote line was set up. They cleared the backlog two weeks ahead of schedule which resulted in cost savings. Three prizes were offered to the people in the department who were most instrumental in achieving the target."

Use these workplace communication techniques. They work.

By adding a little creativity you can change the face of communication in your company regardless of the number of staff you have.

workplace communication

This is what else you will find:

Tips like - communicate early, be open and honest, don't let employees hear important information via the grapevine. Listen to employees and deal with questions. Encourage feedback and ideas. Research has shown that employees who feel listened to are 32% more loyal to their company.

Great ways of giving your newsletter the edge, good tips concerning your communication on the intranet, fun lift, bathroom and pause area communication methods, etc.


Unusual ideas


We also have unusual rewards and recognition. Exotic places to hold a brainstorming session. How about a brainstorm or teamwork session at the South Pole - or walking with elephants. If that doesn't appeal to you look at other ideas we have.

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Communication in an organization is essential for behavior modification and to create awareness on a variety of staff issues.

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